Colleges and universities campus to explore the practice process of wisdom: brush face consumption repast

by:Fdata     2020-08-04
On restaurant mainly take the wisdom campus, university teachers, students, convenient repast, every consumer will deduct an amount of consumption. But often forget to bring the card or the campus card is lost, the teacher and students can't repast, very convenient also has potential safety hazard. Therefore, brush face consumption scenarios is suitable for restaurant, provide convenient for university teachers and students dining way and account security. Through the facial recognition technology to repast personnel identification, brush face billing after deduct the corresponding cost, brush card face dining consumption is realized. One face image acquisition have self-help upload information and background system into two ways, convenient of the system using the normal deployment. Objective: through the brush to face recognition, face dining system first and then pass the authentication information to POS billing system, according to the result of recognition repast consumption, and prompt payment as a result, brush card face billing repast is realized. 1, no card repast, convenient repast swiped for service, through the brush face rapid settlement, certification and consumption without having to worry about campus card lost and forgotten. 2, face recognition, security brush face of repast of facial recognition technology, to ensure the safety of the personal account, only to attend in person to complete meal consumption, without having to worry about the campus card is used. Characteristics 1, brush face to pay the speed quickly. 2, non-contact recognition, environmental health. 3, avoid card lost or stolen brush, reduce maintenance costs.
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