Combined with brush face pay cash register, cashier weighing in the integration of intelligence, pay treasure to dragonflies also supports a yard pay!

by:Fdata     2020-05-11
For weighing scales of cashier, restaurants or retail store, almost all stores are used, the need to weigh the fruit weight, fruit store snacks shops need to weigh the weight of the snack, not to mention this fresh supermarket items more stores, need to weigh the weight of the grains, vegetables, fruits, snacks and so on, and then to the cashier. For the owner, both want to buy electronic weighing scales, and want to buy smart cash register configuration, to integrating weighing of cashier. So now also introduced a cashier and weighing machine on the market can be the bother of customers lined twice, reduce queuing time, but also reduce the shopkeeper to buy separate weighing scales and intelligent purchasing cost and occupied space of the cash register. Now Saul yards in the fruit shop, malatang payment and cash shop small consumption occupy the mainstream in the scene, such as some small shop owner might print directly pay treasure, WeChat and unionpay credit qr code is finished. But sometimes the qr code to stick too much, also hard to avoid is too messy, not beautiful enough. If it is a large supermarket chain stores or, more need to summary and store sales and enters sells saves the data to upload, so smart cash registers in these scenarios is necessary. I have my lunch in a few days ago a malatang shop. Hand holding a plate of food, there was a long queue in the volume of small food store, even turned all difficulties. Finally it was my turn to pay, one hand holding the popurality even, take out a cellular phone to scan code to pay, is the controls. Thought, if malatang shop brush can support face how pay? So you need not deliberately to payment, can also speed up the line. To malatang shops, fruit shop and fresh supermarket operators, the most fit their needs intelligent checkout equipment, should be support cashier weighing integration, yards and brush face smart cash register. To meet the requirements of the smart cash register and often volume is too big, very take a place. As alipay dragonfly F1 brush face cash registers open small program function and launch cloud payment service, alipay, dragonflies F1 brush face a cash register on the function and the scene have to upgrade. Volume is small and light alipay dragonfly F1 has rich interface, can I plug in the electronic, according to a second change to cashier weighing machine. Compared to the general cashier and weighing machine alipay dragonfly F1, according to the external electronic more brush face payment and self-service checkout can be realized. After open cloud pay alipay dragonfly F1 function, can support a yard pay, don't have to put up different collection qr code, let alone pay treasure dragonfly F1 itself through alipay platform, can help businesses achieve more value-added services such as member management and light. For businesses, combined with the brush face pay cash register, cashier weighing in the integration of intelligence, can reduce staff workload, more convenient free manpower to cook food and packaging of fruits and vegetables.
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