Community retail with these new scene

by:Fdata     2020-06-13
During the outbreak of isolation in the home, a lot of people try to cut out the opportunity. Take-out and fresh distribution home became many people purchase of choice for food supplies. Many online fresh platform in this period ushered in the performance. According to the daily optimal fresh raw data report, issued by the outbreak period of a month, accumulative total sold 200 million pieces of goods, has sold 30735 tons of vegetables, including users increased by 237% over the age of 40. Predictably, many older users in the outbreak was to develop online shopping habits of consumption. Small make up at home, during the period of separation is called fresh distribution home once or twice, but the plot closed, the migrants are difficult to enter, take-away little brother into don't come, can only wear masks put his own clothes, walked to the door of the community to get. Community strict management during the outbreak is the necessary means, but if the take-out delivery little elder brother block at the door, the customer to get the goods, or will inevitably contact with the Courier, is not the most safe way. Some communities have set up collection points, modes, and will send takeout and fresh goods here, such as in the community residents of their own, but this way goods are likely to cause confusion, even when others take wrong, need specialist care. Guangzhou live built bureau recently requires community contact project is set up shop as far as possible, direct Courier will express into self-help express ark, Courier and delivery shall separate storage, classification, storage. Many people use contactless self-service store content ark, realize the home delivery last one hundred meters. Take-out little elder brother and distribution member send customers goods in contactless self-service store content ark, customer credit card or scan code again open storage cupboard door, can pick up the goods, put an end to express delivery lost damage, etc. , can also reduce the interpersonal contact, to reduce interpersonal communication. In addition to online retail and contactless self-help send fresh store content ark, community retail popularized in the industry has become the outbreak. In order to reduce the risk of infection, many people go out will try to choose from the short range, rather than in the center of large stores and supermarkets. Retail convenience stores such as community and community self-help sale container makes residents in the area can more easily buy articles for daily use and ingredients. Some community convenience store provides the raw food materials, and even for daily sales break the $50000 level, than before more than doubled. Sky-wave unmanned self-help vending machine TPS730 to completely get rid of human interaction, community self-help container also become the new paradigm for community retail sale. Self-help container will provide the packaging good fruits and vegetables every day, even seasonings, food semi-finished products, kitchen tools, such as goods, meet the residents' daily life needs. Day xian and spread in the community self-help to sell container. The choose and buy goods online order, then in self-service vending ark password or scan code to open the door. According to the report, jingdong's seven fresh container, also some stores in Beijing set up self-service sale can buy fruits and vegetables in non-contact mode, sweep through code to pay automatically open cupboard door, buy goods. The self-help vending machine self-help locker in addition to shopping, non-contacting can also through the intelligent monitoring, understand the status of sale of goods, timely replenishment. Can also according to the sales situation of different area, choose goods shelves can meet the demand of every community residents, optimize the supply logistics, reduce the backlog, out of stock. Even if the end of the outbreak, for people in the community of workers, need not deliberately go to vegetable market to buy food, can also convenient in their own communities to buy ingredients to want. Courier containers in the future, self-service sale and self-help store content ark can also as part of the community retail, bring more convenient safe life.
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