Contactless repast tutorials, wisdom dining room and a fire!

by:Fdata     2020-05-16
Wisdom canteen management pattern according to the different consumer spending habits and produce different styles, stud point meal dining room, buffet canteen, optional meal dining room, take-away dining room and so on a variety of dining room management pattern, is affected by the epidemic, have to stop eating a lot of model, in the face of the change, how to correctly open dining room, while avoid outbreaks, let staff and convenient to eat meal, wisdom canteen solution can provide reference solution for you! The canteen management first is on the way to eat in the canteen, supplemented by artificial guide through science and technology means, the implement security. A, isolation, couldn't meet dinner canteen dining is wisdom without contact solutions, changed the traditional mode of canteen, in order, order, take the link, such as meal by using wisdom canteen system, fully do not meet, 0 contact, compared to the traditional canteen model more secure, more health! Second, the online order, zero contact, more safe! Wisdom canteen contactless repast solution, use the online order such as the APP is the wisdom of the canteen, completely avoid the go to the dining hall, personnel between rubbing rubbed shoulders, decreases the chance of human interaction, let more comfortable dining three take sideboard, intelligent heat preservation, high temperature + uv more powerful! Smart cupboard, with 60 & deg; High temperature constant store and ultraviolet radiation sterilization function, on the basis of guarantee the food temperature, can effectively kill virus, make food safer! Fourth, mobile payment, real-time billing, consumption more clearly! Throughout the meal, diners can pay online via mobile phone, need not queue top-up offline, reduce waiting time repast, real-time billing, can check at any time, let consumer be clear at a glance, form good consumption habits! Wisdom canteen system operation more convenient, easy to quick-and-dirty canteen work operation, is the resistance during the outbreak of quick-and-dirty canteen normal operation. Secondly, to strengthen staff health monitoring at the canteen management, completes the canteen staff health management, implement health report. Be mastered flows to the staff, in accordance with the requirements for local zoning classification management for health, should be 2 times daily temperature detection. Second, make dining room place to strengthen prevention and control of in and out of the registration and management, keep the workplace ventilated take a breath, set up the hand washing equipment, washing, spraying facilities should maintain normal operation. Extend the canteen meal time, the wrong peak dining, conditional is used when dining boxes, dispersion. Must strengthen the recycling clean tableware disinfection, do not have to use disposable tableware disinfection conditions. Staff canteen should avoid sitting face to face, don't talk with others.
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