Convenience store cash register with these new changes

by:Fdata     2020-06-12
After the outbreak, the configuration of convenience store up many new changes. Contrast the worst hit by the outbreak of food and beverage retail and tourist entertainment, convenience stores and markets during the outbreak to undertake the role of safeguard the life material, performance to maintain the upward trend. Among them, the convenience store industry rose by 2. 3%, orders received adversary. After the outbreak, in addition to performance, convenience stores and there will be new changes? 1, online business proportion increased. Beauty should be preferred, for example, 2 - beauty should be preferred in March across the country have more than 70% of the stores online revenue growth, can widen the take-away and group-buying business community. Online orders growth because of the isolation period, people try to reduce go out shopping, online orders become the alternative shopping entity convenience way of shopping. However, online customer also needs the accumulation of at ordinary times. Part convenience stores use brush face pay cash register, for example, can brush face the members, and even can use the brush to pay cash register face recognition face to members and non-members respectively, even the membership card is not present. Brush face pay cash register through fast members of the open, can be more convenient intelligent members of a new, convenient and subsequent members maintenance and marketing. In a convenience store, for example, the customer pay cash register through the brush face opened member, electronic card account will be automatically sent to the user's mobile phone, can push personalized preferential promotional activities regularly, customers can even in the above order. The viscosity is greatly strengthened the customer and convenience stores, increase customer loyalty, for drainage. Be worth what carry is, convenience stores and supermarkets now use the scan code and brush face payment, is also the traditional cash payment on the online transactions. This has the advantage of convenient roots. Customers to use code and brush face payment, can realize contactless payment, when the product appear problem, can also according to the online payment records for traceability. 2, 1 - data is becoming more and more important in Japan this year Data conducted a survey in March, is a convenience store statistics in 32 million items to buy in the supermarket in lift biggest list, and purchase rate increase is the biggest asparagus, followed by milk and Fried noodles. During the outbreak, people need added fiber and vitamin C, so the purchase rate of change is unexpected, is understandable. What's the use of such data? Of course is to learn more about consumer trends, help stores to allocate the timely replenishment. Especially at this sudden epidemic scenes, may disrupt the past enters sells saves the quantity. Therefore, in the chain of supermarkets and convenience stores, the real-time data statistics will become more and more important. How to quickly collect from store sales data, the country will need to rely on the convenience store intelligence behind the cash register and data platform, data automatically generate various statements, and distribute the summary. 3, there is no way of self-support role since the vulcan mountain in the unmanned self-help supermarket hospital for self-service register caused people, no self-service checkout way will become more common and more and more popular. No self-service register the advantage of no contact, don't have contact with the cashier, customer pay of goods on their own can sweep code, code, print brush face payments and receipts, etc. , to reduce the cashier work, also can reduce the cross infection induced by contact. Currently, wal-mart, wing fai, convenient bees, box of supermarket convenience stores are introduced, such as horses and jingdong 7 fresh self-service register and unmanned automated collection channels. Multipoint DMALL leading self-help cashier settlement ratio from 20% before the outbreak also rose to about 60% ~ 30% utilization. In some back office park, the park's convenience store more with automatic temperature measuring terminal, can measure their temperature and face recognition, after the success of the identity verification can enter into a convenience store. Brand introduction: sky wave intelligent hardware focused on the construction of open intelligent hardware custom solutions, products include hand-held android intelligent terminal series, desktop android intelligent terminal series, cabinet android intelligent terminal series. One-stop intelligent hardware custom solutions, security, catering, tourism, hotel, logistics, retail, department stores, and other industries of successful cases.
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