Convenience stores, one of the secrets of success 丨 choice for management system function, improve the operational efficiency of store management

by:Fdata     2020-06-20
The cashier as stores each essential treasure, each store is little not, it is also one of convenience stores, the secret of success! For convenience store cashier management system, then, what are the essential functions to improve the operational efficiency of store management? Let's understand the convenience store management system features: 1, front desk cashier: except for the payment, and will be at the front desk reception ability to record the goods documents while consumption cashier, one by one after goods documents to entry the system software can use the mobile phone software has become the past. If there is no standard bar code of goods sales, cashier receptionist is the first spell can type the price or through letters to find the goods, otherwise unable to sell some goods without bar code. 2, member management, member management system function is the key, VIP member stored value, mall points, VIP member discount, set membership grade, VIP member types, each store customer data information recorded content into the management method, VIP member can according to the store have different level of discounts, chongzhi, integral, integral in purchase, daily check and reservation. : 3, enters sells saves the management as a management information system of mobile phone software, enters sells saves the software there is no doubt that is, the action of replenish onr's stock list, invoice, supplies, inventory, product backlog, inventory early warning information, goods will soon expire, as the warehouse inventory is not less. Produce the inventory search, inventory management, and so on. Inventory instant, convenient search, stock up immediately. 4, O2O marketing: store marketing, marketing control module, every day can convert fancy attracted customers service consumption, and suitable for online shopping system, online and offline with step operation. Connect the VIP member of online and offline promotion, application using common WeChat public increase powder, coupons, correct guidance to the store consumption, or order online stores send goods. 5, business report: multiple operating data analysis table, to analyze the business, to carry out the chain-like alliance regulation, and make decisions. Consumer list of cashier, customer orders, product gross margin, VIP member consumption, the current relatively, inventory backlog of anatomy, best-selling products, products, goods tracking so convenience store management system how to choose: 1, the system software is reliable convenience-store chain scale though not many, but the cash register system is also necessary to make sure is security, such as piglet CMS cash register system is based on product research and development of the technology of data, all information stored in the security level of the biggest ali server, and by the special equipment and technology professional elite team. 2, the system software is complete convenience store chain management scale is small, but the goods are all kinds of, not the same convenience store chain product management, and thus on the cash register system should be completely with retail stores must be the most basic. 3 now, does the system provide a variety of data report of convenience stores and the people of the past service shop, now pay attention to fast and convenient, so in the daily reconciliation completion time also must pay attention to fast and convenient. So for the cashier system, must be to be able to provide the gross margin analysis, transaction flow, inventory data, and other business daily, monthly summary report for the boss to check. Branch vein, focusing on retail and catering industry, the use of mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and the Internet of things such as advanced technology, provide enterprises with cashier management system, aggregation, mobile payment, full marketing channels, and a large data operations, such as digital all-round services.
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