Convenient self-service sweep brush face code register, don't line up

by:Fdata     2020-08-14
In this fast-paced life of society, I believe you all don't like waiting, some people even prefer not to buy don't line up. Rapid development of science and technology today, however, many are applied to our life, improve the people's quality of life, today we'll talk about self-service brush face scan code register. Artificial intelligence era, various high-tech emerge in endlessly, self-help supermarket sweep brush face code register as a member of, make the audience really farewell in the peak passenger flow waiting in line for a long time the check-out trouble! Became the convenience to pay the cashier, below we together to learn about the artifact. Self-help brush face scan code register at present is mainly used in the city's large business super, consumers can sweep their code or brush face payment deadline, both convenient and quick, can exempt from queued up for the trouble again. Most of the supermarket will add self-service checkout and self-help cash registers, and go to the supermarket shopping customers also is very good. Still don't say, really very convenient self-service register, no waiting in line, pretty soon! This thing is really good, now buy things finally need not acid as before standing to foot, and so on. General self-help beside the cash register will have to arrange a service personnel in the supervision and help the customer operation, the use of self-service register process is also very simple, customers can buy goods on the first place objects on the stage, then scanning the area of aim the commodity bar code equipment, display instantly show product details, said scan successfully. Then place the goods to the right of the bagging machine, complete all the goods after scanning, customers can choose to want to pay the way, Alipay WeChat sweep yards or brush face payment, you can also use of bank CARDS, gift CARDS, payment) Completion settlement, so that the machine will automatically print out shopping list, the lower left to follow up the number of shopping, general operation itself is done in a minute or two to easily. Self-help brush face scan code the use of cash registers, improve the quality of service of the supermarket, and save the human cost of the supermarket, can also improve shoppers shopping experience. Original supermarkets need to open four or five artificial checkout, now almost can be reduced by half, even holidays also need to add two more can cope with them. While shopping in the crowd, the young man is the highest rate of self-service register use, although there are old people in the use, but relatively less. In the near future, with the continuous development of science and technology, and believe that there will be more self-service equipment to better serve the people. Of course, for businessmen use self-help brush face scan code for the cash register, can according to actual needs of the stores to make custom function or appearance. Open access, have convenient, more a way means more revenue. Now, more intelligent technology to service for you, more Chinese pos network to escort you.
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