Create new payment citic bank to attend the 'brush face pay' product launch

by:Fdata     2020-05-01
October 20, more than 60 institutions in China unionpay hand in hand to be held in zhejiang wuzhen the 6th world conference on Internet financial depth fusion of science and technology can assign a BBS, brush face pay pay jointly issued a new intelligent products. Citic bank is the first realization of brush unionpay face pay bank, citic bank deputy governor of the conference Xie Zhibin with China unionpay, six state-owned commercial bank, leadership, part of the national joint-stock Banks, rural credit cooperatives, city firm leadership. Brush face pay using advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence, big data by brush face trade route, continue with payment to trade password authentication, change the customer use, merchants who accept trading habits. In the mobile phone banking or cloud users only need to pay the APP registration opened and bind the unionpay card, business super, food and beverage, pharmacy, hotel, self-help vending machine such as scene specially engaged settlement, do not need to take out the cell phone, credit CARDS and other physical media, according to the prompt to complete the brush face operation and pay password input, can be successful payment, pay greatly improving customer experience, enhance the sense of financial services. At present, ningbo, hangzhou, guangzhou, jiaxing ( Wuzhen) , changsha, wuhan, hefei and other regions of the customer will pay service first to enjoy to brush a face. As a new intelligent financial products, brush face pay adhere to safety, to provide customers with the whole process of information and capital safety protection. In the information protection, face feature collection clear authorization, the customer rein data using the scope, method of payment tag, multiparty secure computation, dispersed storage, such as technology, fight information leakage, manipulation and abuse. On capital security, fully respect the client's subjective will, through the special payment password equaling actively, establish security mechanism, to ensure the safety of customer's right to know and property rights and other legitimate rights and interests. Brush face pay success, to pay for industry brings new opportunities and inject new momentum. Citic bank will charge sheet with China unionpay, institutions, businesses, service vendors, safety assessment institutions such as the brush will face to pay the product, for the masses to provide a safe, convenient and efficient payment services, help build a new retail, the new economy, new payment, pay new ecology to build mutually beneficial and win-win.
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