Crisis and dividends, epidemic will become wisdom canteen rapid development of power!

by:Fdata     2020-06-18
Dining industry is just too much during the outbreak, from years ago shall operate to repast, years later, the university entrance exam type at present most wisdom dining room to find the solution of ice. At the beginning of the epidemic situation development, because of the weak awareness, protective measures do not reach the designated position, individual dining room there have been several cases of safety accidents, as a national epidemic of cognitive deepen gradually, by the middle of February, the outbreak is basically controlled, most enterprises have begun to return to work, enterprises and the dining room also began to run properly. Affected by the epidemic, due to the relatively closed, population agglomeration canteen, most of the dining halls were cancelled before hall, the disadvantages of traditional model canteen is also growing, in order to resume normal operation, the canteen operator to try a variety of ways to return to work. Finally, easy to be accepted by most of the dining room, chose the diner's online order + cupboard take food/dining room way out, to relieve. The new online and offline the wisdom of the canteen management mode to upgrade the traditional dining room information brings new opportunity. At the outbreak of the canteen industry changes, we found that the four notable thing. One is the popular wisdom canteen system, canteen open online reservation mode. As enterprises and return to work high tide, business enterprises and the dining room have, how to ensure that the employees normal daily meals become the focus of the enterprise to return to work. Contactless repast solution, through full treasure repast employees can advance online top-up, order, order, avoid the canteen stall lines, effectively alleviate the pressure of the stream of people dining hall hall to eat, to reduce the risk of a new crown the spread of the virus. Take-away prevalent in recent years, this mode of wisdom dining room reservation online users are used to, there is no cognitive barriers and operation error. 2 it is to break through the traditional barriers to eat-in, canteen take-away's popularity. Canteen are not value before delivery, or even think the canteen take-away will deal damage to eat-in mode, through the new outbreak, basic will not have a dining room to think we can be sure the takeaway is a myth. Canteen food can effectively reduce eat-in flow density, the powerful tools for the wrong peak is the canteen. When the user habit, queue dozen rice, eating dinner before peak crowded, air turbidity current situation will be gone forever. Wisdom through full treasure the canteen system for delivery and distribution, is advantageous to the systematic, procedural, scientific foreign sell order management, compared with the manual WeChat group, telephone communication record has a clear advantage. The online order + cupboard take food/dining room outside send out of contact way has be accepted by the dining industry gradually become a popular trend. Third, speed increase safety consciousness, eating more order. In the special period, the dining room is not only to ensure food safety, also want to ensure the personal safety of diners. Enterprises and dining room to return to work in addition to the exploration of eating patterns, safety is first priority. In wisdom dining room in the solution, first of all to the canteen staff to carry on the scientific and rational control, ensure that the canteen staff's health and safety. Each dining room staff, return all must carry out strict inspection, dining room managers to return stroke have a comprehensive understanding. Daily work before the canteen management to be strict with the canteen staff to measure body temperature, wearing masks, disposable gloves, sensitive operation, prepared cold dishes, as well as washing frequency must be strengthened. In addition, the management of the staff canteen, wisdom through full treasure Ming kitchen bright kitchen, food traceability, canteen system into the construction of strengthening health will become the canteen. In full wisdom treasure the dining room, bright kitchen bright stove to reverse reversed transmission canteen health improvement. Food traceability can strengthen the canteen food safety awareness. From the perspective of users, a canteen hygiene standards, food retention samples, also dare to open kitchen, this is the dining room of food quality, food safety, operation safety guarantee to the user. Four is to strengthen service consciousness, the user communication frequency increasing. The outbreak period, the dining room with the user communication frequency gradually strengthened. This helps to maintain customer relationships, optimize the canteen service. Wisdom, canteen system through full treasure to thumb up, leave a message, the canteen food evaluation, let the canteen food quality and service level of the present cognitive directly. Real-time communication can help the canteen to maintain customer relationship, strengthen the formation of the canteen brand, constantly optimize the canteen service levels.
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