Desheng hall opened health care electronic documents, the first to realize health brush face to pay!

by:Fdata     2020-06-01
On the morning of April 3rd, Atlantic 2 hospital in lanzhou city, gansu province medical insurance bureau, lanzhou medical insurance bureau held a pilot launch online health care electronic certificate. National health insurance bureau, made relevant unit leaders, provincial hospitals in gansu province, lanzhou part of the medical establishment that decide a dot, health bureau, lanzhou city, gansu province health bureau and the relevant media attended the launching ceremony. Desheng hall group as a leading pharmaceutical retail chain enterprises in gansu province, was invited to participate in the launching ceremony, and as the first pilot big pharmacy, launched a health care electronic bill payment service. On launching ceremony, gansu province health bureau chief on implementing the significance of health care electronic documents delivered an important speech. Health care electronic documents, will greatly improve the convenience of the ginseng protect people use health care. Ginseng protect people on the phone can be used at any time, health care business, health care pay a yard. More convenient, health care electronic documents by real name, real person authentication technology, using encryption algorithm to form electronic identification, authentication only, safe and reliable, residents can be at ease use. In addition, health care electronic documents also can inquiry or health care reimbursement payments, and implement the standard national unity, mutual recognition across the region, the national general. A yard in the hand, health care, gansu province will have medical insurance card into a new era of mobile phones, sweep the yard work. At present, desheng hall as the first pilot drugstore in gansu province, was also the first to support health care brush face pay pilot enterprises, has been leading to pay, health care is implemented electronic voucher brush face and qr code payment, and compatible with a credit card to pay, can provide the more convenient for the general public health and purchasing medicine service. After the residents to the store to buy medicine, just to brush a face authentication or show me scan qr code, can use health care electronic documents for payment, very convenient and comfortable, also can avoid the medical insurance card is lost, report the loss of distress. Medicare payments from desheng don, yards, truly achieve the whole process, the use of IC card, contactless mode. Health care time leading to pay by card code, face age! With the development of medical electronic bill payment services, desheng hall will provide people with more convenient, more comprehensive, more professional health services. Created so far, desheng hall has been sticking to service, to the health of the residents provide residents with nearly in the side of the medical health service level. In recent years, constantly blaze new trails, desheng hall, the fusion of Internet technology and medicine new retail concept, launch a another convenient service science and technology, including Internet hospitals, health care scheme, in-store purchase, for the national medicine, 1 hour and delivery to your door, etc. # 2020, desheng again to upgrade the health service system, the nationwide launch the family doctor service, provide 24 hours online service for residents, by the general practitioners team visits for free for residents. People don't have to go out, can solve most of the online health problems, farewell to see difficult problems. Every resident has a family doctor, let health within reach. By the family doctor service, desheng hall can provide residents with covering the entire health care, protect the health of the residents family anytime and anywhere, is a trusted residents family doctor. Health care an e-card brush face pay, health care, the family doctor service, Internet hospital, in the way of serving the public health, desheng hall to go on. The future, desheng hall will bear in mind that science and technology service health mission, for residents to provide more medical health service, truly become residents nearby health good neighbors!
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