Digital era, the brush face payment system into power industry upgrade

by:Fdata     2020-06-15
Brush face one of the payment will be paid into the mainstream way has become a inevitable trend. Brush face to pay the development of technology has a different effect for all walks of life, pay by brush face lead the digital era has quietly come, realize to eating on the face. Brush face pay power Hamburg Wang Kaiqi digital transformation, as a famous American brand catering burger king, has over 200 shops equipped with alipay order screen self-service equipment and brush face pay dragonflies, consumer consumption through the brush a face. In addition, the store also includes online order, sweep the yard order, place the order with multiple ports, foreign send, IoT payment, the member rights and interests, and other forms, brush face the powerful features of the pay, Hamburg Wang Kaiqi road to the digital transition. Brush face pay multiple advantages, help businesses service upgrade, brush the face payment system, comprehensive background management and value-added marketing function, help businesses quickly realize the authors synergies, in many ways to help businesses realize service upgrade. Price, convenient and quick brush face pay can effectively improve the efficiency of cashier, shortening the time of equipotential, better shopping experience for consumers. An employee can supervise the use of multiple devices at the same time, help businesses save manpower cost. Low intelligence management businesses according to system data summary and analysis, according to the consumption characteristics make 【 Hot style. Rapid growth of the commodity, profit and traffic. A member of low value-added brush face namely and merchants through the integration of the member, member rights and interests and activities on surging members enthusiasm, promote the secondary consumption, cultivate brand loyalty and recognition. Brush face payment system, can be associated with small order procedures and membership application, low cost to help businesses achieve wisdom store to upgrade. Docking system can most cashier systems on the market. Lack of cashier system merchants can also be for the connection of equipment, let merchants have no trouble back at home. Brush face payment systems, intelligent building management platform of cashier, brush face payment system will face recognition technology the ground reality scene, build more convenient brush face payment system, touch more application scenarios, meet the personalized needs of businesses. Face biometric, pay more secure and convenient, the system USES live detection technology, recognition more accurate, more safe and reliable. And system support access to pay treasure, WeChat platform, to meet different business needs at the same time, also improve the user experience. Power configuration, make quality management platform of cashier, brush face payment system configuration to perfect the function of the application, to provide intelligent digital marketing solutions to merchants, to create high quality intelligent wisdom retail cashier management platform. 1 matrix, standardized management, rapidly improve the efficiency of management system configuration matrix, strong management include roles, marketing, payment and data management module. Professional independent deployment, data platform, resource control, to help enterprises to build their own brush face payment system. 2, brush face pay + marketing, upgrade brush face pay collocation a variety of marketing play trading experience, pay the perfect combination of marketing and realize the brush face, help enterprise quickly gathered user traffic, improve the user viscosity, realize the user's consumption and secondary consumption transformation. 3, member of marketing management, efficient precipitation more customer for the first time after completion of payment will be directed to the small program for binding, the user after the success of the binding can become a member, so as to realize the effect of pay the membership. Brush face payment system has a lot of affiliate marketing management functions, help businesses efficient precipitation more users, training more consumers loyal fans. Growing market upgrade requirements, brush brush face payment systems to help you quickly layout face payments, into the brush face pay for a new era.
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