Digital information age, the brush face whether there is any payment risk?

by:Fdata     2020-06-15
2019 is the first year of Chinese brush face payment, mobile payment of the big three have launched their own brush face payment product line, the third party payment and the so-called fourth party pays the aggregation will have to dig new business value, brush face pay will be more looking forward to the industry. For the moment to pay market, three giant to brush a face payment market layout and the popularization is welcome and look forward to. Equipment on the one hand, brush for merchants, face is not only a simple transaction settlement tool, brush a face that members of the superposition of intelligent marketing advertising and value-added services, greatly increased the business revenue; For consumers, on the other hand, brush face equipment can make it get rid of the dependence on mobile media, this is a paid change completely from the physical medium, greatly improve the payment experience. Payment belong to the currency circulation, have a important impact on the country's financial stability and security, take the market as the leading factor, the current mobile payment industry third-party payment enterprises dominate industry. Now, the government introduced barcode interconnection, pilot digital currency DECP measures, such as purpose in the official qualification to strengthen market supervision and market standardization, then brush face to pay for the product on the market at present have a risk? Product safety application analysis in view of the brush brush face face payment security risks, from face recognition, we verify account information, transaction limit control three aspects to analyze the current mainstream of three kinds of brush face to pay their security products. ( 1) On the face recognition, face recognition technology is mainly divided into two broad categories: 2 d face recognition technology and 3 d facial recognition technology. Among them, the abundance nest intelligent ark face recognition system USES a 2 d face recognition technology, the camera is simple to collect some facial information and, after a simple algorithm to form a 2 d plane images, the security level is low, vulnerable to photos and mask against cracking. Terminal equipment and pay three giant brush face in face information collected is used in security rank highest 3 d live detection technology, namely terminal camera USES is the highest level of 3 d structure light camera, the camera is like a person's eyes, able to perceive depth information of the object, to build 3 d face model, then additional blink detection, nodding head movements, through large data of artificial intelligence algorithm to accurately recognize faces whether for living, accurate rate can achieve 99% above, can effectively avoid the use of printed photos, software such as video or mask fake users, and so on and so forth, to put an end to fake body attack. ( 2) Payment account information verification, it was the first time need to validate the binding mobile phone number to verify the user's account information, further payment to verify the phone number again, as long as through the facial recognition, namely the default account information verification is successful, your can initiate the request. ( 3) Transaction limit control aspect, for the prevention and control risk, three agencies launched brush face payment services set up a cap-and-trade scheme. From three payment product trading limits set brush face, lowest WeChat brush face pay limitation, also increased the number of daily payment limit at the same time, the risk control strategy is more perfect. In addition, in order to ensure the payment of the user security, the other two to brush a face pay also matching the corresponding risk compensation mechanism. However, brush face pay compared to the previous payment method such as qr code carries more privacy information, how to effectively protect personal privacy and data security, will become the key point of the development of the industry. With the continuous upgrade of information technology, brush face to pay the highest level of human face recognition technology is adopted by the improved face recognition accuracy rate, at the same time, through the transaction limits, to a certain extent, guarantee the safety of brush face to pay. , however, the current brush face payment market in China is still in initial stage, three giant brush face payment service in admittance, terminal testing certification or personal information protection and pay limitation control are fragmented, need to brush a face regulators pay access mechanism, examination authentication mechanism, business rules, risk prevention mechanism to build and perfect unity.
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