Dining industry development in a turning point, wisdom canteen by high-tech firm C!

by:Fdata     2020-05-25
Dining room in the catering industry in recent years, under the market environment to promote the development of more quickly. Various forms of enterprises and institutions canteens, business circle, cinemas, etc. , constitute the dining room of diversified culture, and different operation mode, especially the rise of canteen model wisdom, for the vast number of consumers has brought new experiences, conveniently to stimulate new demand, promote the canteen industry dominated by artificial to primitive times, into the intelligence era dominated by technology. Diversified market atmosphere, meanwhile, also brings to the dining room managers more challenges and opportunities, how to capture consumers' hearts in the new market cycle, the industry constantly thinking about a problem. In the heart of many, fresh ingredients, food variety is the adoption of canteen operations. That do exist in the traditional dining room areas surprise effect, but the take-out impact of free, jockeying catering form, health, environmental protection can only meet the basic demand of consumers, for to scrimp on dining room, not go far enough. Big to the country and small enterprises to take in the information on the high-speed train, for the dining room to practitioners, is integrated into the science and technology, strengthening information management and realize the digital operation, is the best means to authors mention effect, achievement ego. With wisdom canteen system as an example, the financial level AI facial recognition technology was applied to the dining room door, order, pay for each scene, such as collection of consumers to buy the whole process data, in addition to convenient for consumers to find records at the same time, also can be the data feedback to the dining room. Consumers, for example, through the APP, small programs, such as booking meal, order a meal data directly in the system generated report, formation of multidimensional data analysis, provide data support for purchase of food. Will purchase quantity recorded in the system, and can realize stock regulation, for the kitchen equipment eat, reduce the cost of food waste. In addition, the data records for traceability of raw material, optimization of dishes such as demand management, canteen management according to the results of production planning and marketing strategy, improve after hutch management efficiency. Fast food, fast food has become the contemporary label of food consumption, diners canteen quickly greatly promotes the process of acceleration. Improve the canteen operating ability, canteen is wisdom is difficult to replace the biggest advantage of science and technology, it and consumer demand for green food is completely different dimensions, practitioners necessary operation means is the canteen. Wisdom canteen management system as a dining room to the representation of the application system of science and technology, through the above data, the closed loop for different dining room operation requirements to provide different solutions, make up for the shortcomings of traditional canteen operations. The future is the future of science and technology management from all walks of life are committed to with the least amount of manpower, the greatest degree to enhance the production efficiency of trade. Similar to full occupancy of intelligent system, and promote the earth-shaking changes in canteen industry, this variable has imagination than ever before. In the wisdom of the east wind, canteen practitioners are willing to in science and technology, to explore suitable operating mode, achievement its own development and planning.
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