Dining room from the credit card to brush brush mobile phones to face payment! Science and technology to improve life

by:Fdata     2020-05-25
With the development of mobile Internet and applications of big data, traditional catering mode is facing unprecedented challenges, the group meal as occupying a third market catering industry is experiencing the same change. The mass of the fierce competition in the food industry is not only faced with peers, and must face up to the capital into the industry. Before the Wolf, tiger, after lead to management, labor, such as rising, eating away at the meager profits. As is known to all, group meals and other food and beverage industry, management risk comes from the public health security, management, etc. From the point of market share, 0. 2% of the group meal giant has a 3% market share, 99. 8% of the group meal enterprise has a 97% market share, this also proves the regiment meal industry market scale, industry resources present situation. Foundation weak is also a sore point meal, that is no guarantee of food safety, there is no complete system of food security; Information system foundation weak, the low degree of data control; Supply chain is not sound, the purchasing cost is high; Equipment backward, low degree of modernization; Management and extensive; Low degree of product standardization, high cost of ingredients; Personnel quality is low, Labour disputes and inductrial injury accident; Product taste bad, customer satisfaction rate is low; Artificial cost is high, the staff work efficiency is low; Training does not reach the designated position, low service level. Canteen management system will eat pain points into innovation spot! Group meals are usually on the basis of the unified, simplification, optimization optimal standardization work. But in terms of management, group meal but poor management, turn head to see problems, look ahead in trouble; Group meal if you want to do for a long time, innovation is necessary. Canteen management system to change the innovation group meal three main directions: traditional group meal hardware intelligent smart order equipment, intelligent double terminals, smart and sideboards machine intelligence double screen selling rice terminals, smart and settlement, in combination with facial recognition technology, the meal, the repast personnel identification, automatic deduction clearing, thus greatly improve the efficiency of the meal time of settlement. Mobile payment support pay treasure, WeChat order, mobile order machine, brush face pay equipment terminal reservation and pay more, which can realize the canteen payment don't line up quickly, improve speed. Group meal big data applications according to the food trading data trends, auxiliary catering center optimizing management structure, the auxiliary files according to the season, user preferences and profit margins, optimize the structure of food. Can be accurate to the minutes, days, weeks, months, years or specified time period to see the canteen management situation and dining, the system automatically generate reports, provide data support for the canteen management decisions. Dining room back-end multidimensional data analysis, precision equipment eat to reduce the rate of leftover food, reduce operating costs, improve the image of the canteen. Satisfy diversified food and beverage consumption personality is one of the industry trend, make service can never copy others in competition, for group meal enterprise on the combination of science and technology and experience of the canteen management system will gradually become the preferred.
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