Dinner to meet user requirements, full wisdom treasure canteen in the upgrade!

by:Fdata     2020-06-13
Wisdom dining room market refers to the canteen to strengthen management, meet the demand for dining user information to improve canteen operating ability of software and hardware of the market. Dining users is the foundation of wisdom canteen system, repast user's attitude determines the market development speed of wisdom the canteen. Along with the rapid development of science and technology, intelligent dining room demand also present a complicated and diverse state, thus forming the canteen there are different characteristics of different scenarios: according to the dining room types can be divided into: enterprises and institutions canteens, school canteens, hospital cafeteria, group meals are canteen contractor, the army dining halls and food court. Each dining room depending on the scenario, the core spot is different also. Such as enterprises and institutions canteens, organs of state government units, institutions, factories and private dining room, in general the larger the company cafeteria benefits, the better. Some have a lot of benefits, and the smaller the company welfare may be less sound. School canteen according to the different school stage, can be divided into the dining room, kindergartens, primary and secondary school canteen dining room and so on, because the school scene tightly regulated, so the school dining room is very particular about the food safety problem, food security supervision is the key of the canteen management. Factory canteen traffic was largest, solve the problem of low efficiency of concentrated repast is the biggest pain points in the canteen manager. How to improve the efficiency of queuing dozen rice, reduce repast waiting time, is the biggest pain points in factory canteen. Private dining room generally less number and scale, according to the power company dining room is different, is the most difficult to use unified management of the dining room. Sometimes private dining room often require customization, and his own original system for docking, so, reach the role of authors to effect. Many types of dining room, dining user requirements have in common? Are faced with the problem? The user needs to upgrade. User requirements upgrade, it is with the improving of the science and technology, productivity, revenues and promotion. Dining room users now already not satisfy the pot of canteen, taste is refinement, characteristic. User requirements from less to more, from coarse to fine, from junior to senior and the development trend of evolution. Dining the cyclical and diversity of user requirements. Dining users demand more and more complex, the supply and demand contradiction is frequent, consumer demand for products and services from the object itself or meet on the way are not consistent, which determines the diversity of the consumer demand. Dining the periodic user demand is also very obvious at the same time, this is mainly due to the personal taste preferences. A seller's market to a buyer's market, in fact, before the market scenario has always been a seller's market, the user's choice is not much, the types of canteen equipment eat less, with the development of the society, the change of user requirements, the traditional seller's market behavior has not meet the needs of users is growing, the market has changed from a seller's market to buyer's market, so the user communication is very important and the canteen. The inducibility of repast users buy behavior. Due to the lack of corresponding professional most meals nutrition knowledge, their buying behavior is not professional, is all a matter of be fond of buying, their choice of dishes are greatly influenced by the experience and intuition. Thus lead to the dining room of the dealer induced living space. Full wisdom treasure deep vertical canteen system through a variety of scenarios, focus on the needs of users, can through the systematic and data-driven wisdom dining room management module, eating constantly meet user needs, meet the demand of its diversity, catch the repast cycle strengthen users communicate with the canteen, assigned to the canteen marketing, by means of large data through the front-end dining bridge to the back-end management, intelligent perfect upgrade implement the canteen.
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