Distribution: no contact express delivery 'the last kilometer' problem by self-help locker to resolve it?

by:Fdata     2020-06-14
As the outbreak has been effectively controlled, Courier companies all over the country and gradually return to work. During the Spring Festival is a lot of express service period of pause, understaffed, plus the influence of the outbreak, express logistics industry more hit. Express industry is related to electricity retail industry open it or not, in order to ensure that can express industry comprehensive return to work normally, many companies also made a lot of epidemic prevention and control measures, such as masks for Courier, disinfection liquid soap, thermometer and other protective supplies, many express companies more requirements for the employee to return pre-service returned to the city to return to work isolation for 14 days, ensure employees body in good health. Courier by infrared temperature measuring terminal temperature measurement under the outbreak to do a good job in security rework on the hard to avoid in the transport speed is discounted, especially around the country now many community residents and the closed-end management, enter all need through the test and identification to enter delivery little elder brother and express little elder brother were blocked outside the door, very helpless. Small make up also received during the Spring Festival a take-out and delivery twice, before delivery and can express to the downstairs, and now need customers put on a mask, put on your coat walked to the door of the village, and virtually increases the Courier and delivery and distribution of time. On February 19, Meituan was released the 2020 Spring Festival curtilage economy big data. Because of the influence of the epidemic to travel, many people have curtilage in the home, fruits and vegetables, meat and eggs in food and seasoning, such as fresh distribution has a great increase of home business, food commodities sales increased 200% month-on-month, tripled last year than ever before. The explosive growth of the business is the shortage of manpower. According to statistics, from January 20 to February 23, Meituan take-out platform has new hiring 7. 50000 takeout rider, sorting, packaging, personnel is needed. At the same time, on February 18, took a quantity of 1 in the Courier industry of China. 200 million pieces. With such a large logistics transport and personnel contact, security is epidemic period under a factor to consider. Without contact distribution in this period, is become a new way express logistics and distribution of the take-away meals. For example Meituan launch unmanned in parts of the car without contact distribution, users can note place when place an order, riders will delivery directly in the specified location, let customers come undone. Can not only alleviate take-out delivery under-resourced problem, reduce the delivery Courier wait for customer to pick up the goods time, can also reduce exposure, reduce the risk of infection from person to person. Delivery Courier neatly piled up at the gate of the village in the Courier industry, many enterprises also use brush sweep code face send it special delivery and self-help check Courier ark, realization of the non-contact charging Courier. Courier will delivery on ark of self-service deposit express, customers can sweep through code recognition, face recognition or use the id card to open store content ark or express ark must goods, no human personnel from being exposed to all the way, save the mail delivery time, and minimize the possibility of spreading infection. Courier don't have to wait at the door, save the time of delivery, alleviate the shortage of shortage of manpower. Like sky-wave TPS731 intelligent self-service deposit ark, can support the human face recognition, id card and IC card to identify three ways, such as implementing brush face to open the door, is brushed brush IC card id card to open the door and open cupboard door, more equipped with display, password keyboard and voice horn, achieve more rich interactive operation experience, in a more diverse application scenarios. Sky-wave face recognition self-help locker TPS731 on reliability, self-service deposit express ark is according to scan code identification, password input or brush face to open the door, to ensure that the pickup person identity, to avoid someone take or steal take wrong. Now some village takeout and delivery are sent to the location of the unified storage, let customers come from, is prone to errors or others to take away. Will delivery the goods in the express ark of check of self-help independent grid, sweep through code identification or facial recognition to open the door, ensures that express a security, make customers more rest assured. Delivery and express delivery, relationship with online food retail industry is functioning normally, with no delivery, self-help express locker these intelligent hardware, safeguard food and beverage retail industry service can smoothly through the last kilometer, protection of the normal operation of society, reduce the loss of the food and beverage retail industry.
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