Distribution of every decision analysis and system permissions management!

by:Fdata     2020-08-15
Enters sells saves the situation decision analysis 1. Decision analysis module is mainly according to the enters sells saves the situation, gross sales data, articles, operating conditions and a series of data analysis, to the managers in making decisions for the benefit of force. 2. Goods tracking: is to follow the purchase of a commodity sales, warehouse inventory, enter a product number, or in the bar code and then click on the toolbar & lsquo; Retrieve & rsquo; Button, can be specified at all conditions in a certain period of time. 3. Documents directory: documents directory for statistical specified time period, all the documents. 4. Enters sells saves the report ( Goods) : according to the precise date, warehouse queries commodity procurement, sales, inventory, inventory surplus, dish deficient, return money, split, combination information report, etc. 5. Enters sells saves the report ( Category) : according to the precise date, warehouse query category of procurement, sales, inventory, inventory surplus, dish deficient, return money, split, combination information report, etc. 6. Enters sells saves the report ( Warehouse) : according to the precise date, warehouse query the warehouse, inventory, quantity, cost, the actual amount for return of the amount of information such as the report. 7. Gross sales reports ( Goods) : by date, name of commodities, commodity bar code, the article number, category, brand, the main supplier and other conditions can query the goods sales amount, the tax rate, the cost amount, gross profit, Tax included) , Maori ( No tax) 。 8. Product best-selling report ( Suppliers) : by date and stores can query the number and amount of all of the suppliers in the store sales, cost information, etc. 9. Comparative analysis of the same period: the sales amount and gross margin as analysis object, contrast stores, such as suppliers, brand, category, commodity or annulus compared to a wide range of types. Cashier system permissions management 1. Operator rights management: operators according to different function modules to roles or single with the distribution of open, delete, edit, audit, print, modify the unit price, purchase price, set the permissions. 2. Operator management: the maintenance operators and the cashier, maintenance operation and data access. Can effectively achieve the access control, corresponding to the enterprise management structure and job function division. Division headquarters can control of operators and the cashier permissions. System Settings are selected in the same cashier ban on at the same time, can prevent a cashier in different landing on the cash register at the same time. 3. Focused commodity set set, setting the procurement, inventory, clearing Settings, system Settings, etc. The system Settings is set system when using the information, to a certain extent, system Settings affect the enterprise to carry out the daily work process, so the enterprise first at the beginning of the operation to check whether the current system Settings meet the requirements of the enterprise. 4. User authorization: user authorization of roles, the user belongs to a role, can enjoy what permissions. Such as whether the user can view the purchase price, whether for the cashier, pricing engineer, manager, etc. 5. A daily reminder: today receivables, payables, member's birthday today, received new documents etc to remind. 6. Operation logs: logging Taiwan before and after the operation, can be used to monitor sensitive operation, prevention of fraud.
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