Domestic gas station, the first wisdom brush face go 5 seconds to pay!

by:Fdata     2020-08-07
On the fuselage with face recognition function, the owners brush face can complete settlement, ETC, the license plate from flash to pay pay, cloud, WeChat and pay treasure to wait for a variety of black and the use of science and technology, make the payment time reduced to 5 seconds on March 22, the reporter learns from the information office of China petrochemical, by the China petrochemical oil to build the first wisdom receiving station station sanya in hainan foreign start-up business. Receiving station is located in sanya, sanya welcome road no. 490, covers an area of 5000 square meters, has six tankers, article 20 oil gun, is a collection of refueling, charging, shopping, steam, and other functions into one comprehensive service body, can bring the residents in sanya non-inductive pay new experience. Easyjet gas station convenience store, the goods are all electronic price tag, the owner can use the vending machine scanning bar code completion and settlement. In addition, the receiving station also has a buffet hairpin, self-service car wash, self-help charging pile, such as services. Wisdom gas station is big data, cloud computing and other high and new technology in the gas station use the latest practice, plan to promote step by step in the whole province.
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