Don't know! Catering enterprises in the catering management system easy to trample ray's three big minefield!

by:Fdata     2020-08-11
Food informationization is currently the general phenomenon of catering market, more in line with the era of intelligent meet people's needs, improve the management ability of the stores, catering enterprises is generally focus on information product is in line with the enterprise, application can meet the market demand, often because of ignoring the service support capability of information providers to suffer losses, such losses than simple product purchase blunder often bring about the negative impact of longer. So, we can from the catering enterprises easily on the management system of the three big minefield of ray, talk about how to identify the information provider's service ability. A minefield: regional pole type catering businesses, each meal traffic is large, high degree of dependence on information system, but when the restaurant's computer, hardware, network and information system problems need urgent to rescue, can not contact with service providers or been told can't provide local door-to-door service, which is unable to provide timely service. Mine 2: national chain catering businesses, set up shop fast, but the information system providers cannot cover open city. After landing minefield 3: information system, and the function is all ready but failed to achieve the desired effect, catering enterprises find information provider also difficult to get a reasonable explanation.
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