'Double a' will come, offline entities shop brush face to pay the cashier equipment reasonable use, increase sales!

by:Fdata     2020-06-23
Under the double tenth annual a turn buildup, xiao bo found suddenly that only the last two months in 2019. Not only want to ask: in the past five 6 day, a big or small shops, can have how much traffic? Double tenth a shopping festival to great, has long been a double tenth is the carnival of the electricity business day. The artificial holiday, quickly led to online businesses interact with buyers, but also led sales in the shop. This so-called days can let buyers to cut his hand, also let many offline entities merchants fight, but at a discount to buy tips with bad effect is not ideal, such as reduction watched the express company broke in. Actually, xiao bo want to say, as long as reasonable layout, take good double tenth one of dongfeng, entity stores also have online electricity power and a compete, earn dish rich! A, the reasonable utilization of the consumption of cashier equipment brush face pay incentives while double tenth start one by one for online electricity and create festival marketing activities, but the consumer boom in recent years began to lift in the offline stores. Pay treasure, WeChat brush to promote face pay cash register, also pay incentives: brush will face regularly every consumption in offline entity shop, use brush face pay cash register will be rewarded, and this year's double tenth, alipay and WeChat on brush face pay incentive subsidies more there will be a new play. Through access to offline consumption found that there are more than 42% of respondents said the entity store shopping, can experience more shopping festival atmosphere, prefer together with my family will be the right goods in the shopping cart and directly buy home happy. Second, the reasonable use brush face pay the cashier equipment member consumption data, of course, currently offline entities shop than electric shop shop there is a short board, that is the connection with customers. Online shopping, and always leaves consumption records, big data to analyze what customers like, after a customer interested in prices of goods, the system will automatically push customer like or similar information, read increase customer repurchase degrees. But offline store shopping, namely buy go, namely a trace, not to mention the subsequent development of merchants and customers. Considering this, brush brush face to pay the cash register in the support face pay, introduction of membership card function. Don't have to fill out personal information, convenient and safe. Customers in the store to use brush face pay cash register, become a member, the electronic card will display in the electronic wallet, can according to user's consumption habits automatically push shopping information of interest. In the future, even through the store online interaction with users, commodities consulting and after-sales communication, to provide more rich shopping experience, improve customer loyalty. For double tenth festival promotion activities, using intelligent cash register with brush face payment functions, such as consumption data, shopping rush hour, price adjustment, full reduction promotion, advertising, shuffling, etc. , can be adjusted quickly by using intelligent cash register, don't have to manually modify the promotion plan, is time. 【 Such as the above picture shows the technology when new cash register with brush can face can intelligence, series. Specific function configuration requirements can be custom-made according to customer needs. 】 Double tenth a forthcoming, preparing of every trade, competition is intense. To win the advantage, will be ready to all. Entity stores might as well from the aspects of intelligent hardware upgrade, store operation management efficiency and quality of ascension. The so-called: now or never, like the present. Opportunity comes, it can really grasp to live is the hard truth!
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