During outbreaks, 'no contact' become a bright spot 丨 guangdong sky-wave face recognition thermometer become epidemic prevention tool

by:Fdata     2020-05-12
Outbreak period, no contact with the word seems to be the bright spot in the people's life. Delivery can choose out of contact distribution, go to the supermarket shopping choice contactless self-help cashier, contactless robot meals, etc. , greatly reducing the people face to face contact, thus reducing the contact brings the risk of infection. The strong action of the CPC Central Committee and the government and the joint efforts of the people throughout the country, the current outbreaks has been effectively ease, however, we still can't relax. Moderate epidemic also gradually began to return to work around is faced with new challenges: that is how to ensure work safety and effective prevention? In order to help enterprises to return to work normally, the government has also come up with a lot of measures, such as masks, disinfection supplies, temperature measuring instrument, such as security personnel's health and safety at work. Besides, commuter traffic is also a big problem, many employees daily work of transportation is the bus, subway in these crowded places in order to prevent cross infection, using non-contact temperature measuring terminal face recognition is an effective solution, face recognition temperature measuring terminal don't have to wear a face mask, not afraid of infection, but also on duty 24 hours a day. Sky-wave face recognition temperature measuring terminal TPS980, built-in binocular cameras, can support binocular live detection of face recognition, more the use of infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement technology, rapid accurate temperature measurement. Recently, the guangzhou part of bus lines will take the lead in the introduction of face recognition, thermometer, customers face recognition when get on the car after car doorway thermometer, face recognition can automatically temperature thermometer, voice prompt, abnormal body temperature to be on 1 seconds temperature, reduce congestion. Face recognition thermometer in addition to rapid temperature measurement, can also according to the human face recognition technology for identity verification, record passenger car information, information on bus staff whereabouts, upload real-time temperature data to the background, is convenient to look for in the emergency vehicle, the driver and car with their information. Face recognition thermometer as intelligent terminal hardware, also can in time by some of the epidemic prevention and control information, convenient to popularize safety awareness. Face recognition application in transport are actually early. Shenzhen, xi 'an and other places also introduced brush face the function of the bus, through the automatic face recognition in the fare of binding account, reduce queuing time. And face recognition thermometer is in the face recognition technology to add temperature measurement function, instead of manual operation in the period of the epidemic prevention and control, and no contact temperature test and identification exert strong technology power, power security and epidemic prevention and social functioning.
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