During outbreaks, redefine! Wisdom city, face recognition!

by:Fdata     2020-05-28
From convenience stores and supermarkets use brush face to pay the cash register, Jacky cheung to concert with facial recognition technology to catch the escaped prisoner, face recognition technology has been pouring into every aspect of our lives. And the most everyday in office building, village scene, just in front of the face recognition gate brush face can identify and opened the gate. Without password, no contact, efficient identification of experience, in the construction of wisdom, in the city of face recognition application scenarios and the wider development space, play a more and more important role. But an outbreak seems to make face recognition. Everyone is wearing masks, face recognition can accurately recognize? Pay brush has been applied in face of face recognition technology, is based on 3 d information to determine whether the real face, whether in person. Brush face pay face involves a vast amount of information, including the nose features such as high and low, the eye is concave and convex, with face masks, interferes with the recognition accuracy of brush face to pay. But payment brush face recognition accuracy requirement is high, it is always involves the security of funds, fault tolerant threshold is lower, to reach the level of financial security. But for some of identification recognition accuracy requirements more relaxed environment, not many terminal face recognition and face recognition algorithms have also can be wore masks can also identify the identity of the person being measured. And can identify without masks, a warning. Like the sky wave facial recognition temperature measuring terminal TPS980 can support contactless infrared measuring moderate facial recognition. Algorithm of face recognition AI can be wore masks can also identify personnel, and supports the id card recognition and NFC read card, efficient identification and function of identity verification, more suitable for identification and intelligent temperature measurement. It is important to note that wearing a mask will always lead to face more than half of the feature points, so the accuracy will also inevitably declined. For a limited number of places ( Office and residential area, for instance) , the total number of face information itself is limited, within a few hundred or a few hundred people face database to determine a person's identity, wearing masks to face recognition and identity check is not too difficult, but if it is the station, subway and airport traffic public transportation sites requires more advanced face recognition algorithm and hardware to implement. Application in office area and residential area, integrated infrared measuring temperature of face recognition entrance guard terminal, remote temperature measurement during outbreaks, usually can not start the temperature measurement function, implementation discussed. In addition to facial recognition has a new demand, wisdom cities also have a new scene. As mentioned above, the face recognition temperature measuring terminal for mild facial recognition or qr code scanning measuring code, can be timely report the temperature data through data upload. And face recognition temperature measuring terminal through public security database, the id of the person that can understand directly information, through large data obtaining travel data recently, determine whether from the epidemic area, prevent outbreaks input, the whole out of contact, save time and effort, and reduce the contact temperature measurement personnel, reduce the risk of infection.
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