During the outbreak, a blow! Brush a face cover equipment become the decoration?

by:Fdata     2020-05-28
Outbreak of the moment, everyone wear a mask, can't pay to brush a face, does that mean brush face offline payment device is a decoration, or can only become a piece of advertising screen? Of course not, brush face equipment also support qr code payment. On the market the most common dragonflies, for example, after the software upgrade technology, not only can brush a face, but also support pay treasure and WeChat code to pay, as long as the payment code when using close to the camera, can complete the payment. Therefore, during the period of the outbreak, the brush is not in the face, will pay equipment as sweeping brush face code equipment. In addition, although the offline most of the merchants of, but some industry is still operating security and epidemic prevention work, such as market, stores and pharmacies. According to some payment services, these has become the main source of water, during the period of the outbreak, pay practitioners are not crop failures. National policy support for the payment industry after the central bank and other five departments also joint mandate, to greatly influenced by the outbreak of wholesale and retail, catering accommodation, logistics transportation, culture, tourism and other industries, as well as the promising but affected by the epidemic temporarily encounter difficulties of enterprises, especially small micro enterprise, must not blindly take loans, loans, loans. For companies affected by the outbreak of severe due payment difficult, can be extended or renew loans. 1, the banking sector in the action: in the face of the outbreak, agricultural bank, construction bank, bank of communications, citic bank, wuhan bank, bohai bank, electronic retailing bank, bank of ningbo bank to support small micro enterprise normal production and operation, have preferential loan policy for commercial purposes by small micro enterprise loan interest rate, reduce the small micro enterprise financing cost. 2, payment agencies also in action: the central bank encourages clearing houses, banking financial institutions and non-bank payment institution for specific areas or areas specially engaged to pay service fee discount. Epidemic struck, many institutions and service providers for small businesses pay positive response. Such as unionpay, WeChat pay, pay treasure, and peace, one wallet, bai, money etc, launch subsidy policy for small businesses, to give the key areas of catering and retail sectors such as the merchants of different degree of discount rates. 3, they are also in action: resistance to disease, multiple industry association, the local governments in some provinces have launched for the small and medium-sized enterprise initiative, and reduced the rent and property developers such as wanda, Joy City etc. More than 500 business owners, also started to offer merchant breaks the rent, to help them overcome the difficulties together, through hard times. Action: resistance to disease, priority services cannot be stopped with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, and diversified consumer demand, after the outbreak, offline each big industry is bound to usher in a vigorous market demand. No one winter insurmountable, the spring would not be coming. Epidemic for the whole industry, it is a good chance to shuffle, technology and service supports enterprises, large probability will be out. Believe that after the outbreak, brush face pay enterprise survive, will gain stronger market competitiveness, brush face payment market in 2020, will bloom again after the outbreak. There is no doubt that the outbreak must rely on parties to unite together to overcome. In China there are more than 70 million merchants group, and behind them there are thousands of tens of thousands of home service they pay agencies and service providers, they together have a lot of stories, their voices should be heard in the outbreak.
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