During the outbreak, canteen meals on campus safety, wisdom dining room to have these tips!

by:Fdata     2020-05-28
As populated places between teachers and students, the dining room management is a key areas of campus epidemic prevention and control work. After the start of more recently announced that the school opening date, the school canteen, teachers and students zha zha management repast, everyone is very concerned about. Wisdom as the dining room management system management system, full treasure during the extension of school during this time, in advance of school campus canteen safety operation and student dining plan, after three steps, keep good epidemic prevention and control line. The first step, the entrance guard management controls the canteen staff flow campus canteen safety management as a first step, is to control the identity of the dining room to the holy land and personnel information. Wisdom canteen face recognition entrance guard system appears in the form of brake machine, USES the infrared live face detection technology, automatic capture face. Aimed at the canteen entrance to entrance guard personnel authority management requirements, school cafeteria staff and teachers and students face and identity information, all staff personnel of a channel control area must be face recognition authentication rear can pass, can effectively prevent unauthorized personnel to enter the controlled area. The second step, the online order to alleviate college dining peak wisdom canteen facial recognition to bring another big benefit, is to reduce personnel contact, through intelligent meal brush terminal face take food, a second settlement. Parents directly obtained through a small program statement notification, dynamic, timely grasp the students in the school dining provide certain support for campus epidemic prevention and family epidemic prevention. For colleges and universities, the canteen system function point availability more wisdom. College personnel flow relatively more primary and secondary school, canteen staff and miscellaneous. School teachers and students can be through a small program, sale rice terminal, the dining room window, etc. , to carry on the online booking meal, canteen staff for all order information through the system, including the end date, don't eat, booking sheet, single, distribution and other related content and personnel information. Brush face off with the teachers and students through the window, also can through to the/distribution/take the way such as sideboards complete meal. This function can be in control of foreign food at the same time, reduce the traffic peak of the canteen meals, greatly reduce the risk of campus canteen cross infection. The third step, food traceability data tracking operation regulation for dinner canteen managers, and the teachers and students, from the market to the dining room to the path of the plate may be very long and very complicated, food production, logistics, storage, production and other issues, it is difficult to implement tracking monitoring, transparent, it is safe to campus dining buried a time bomb. Canteen management system combined with block chain system, wisdom, in the form of no trust and tamper-proof collaboration with each link, the traceability of beef, rice, oil and other raw material source, can do to keep the duplicate sample of each dish, the canteen manager to scan the qr code on the goods, can understand the source of goods supply, logistics time process, product testing report and other detailed information, provide a visual data for campus cafeteria and epidemic prevention action. Domestic epidemic prevention and control is not enough to let go, for the state and society, the campus security remains a top priority. How under the back-to-school craze, good management of campus cafeteria epidemic prevention station, full wisdom treasure canteen will mobilize all energy technology, the escort for the schools teachers and students safe.
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