During the period of epidemic prevention and control, intelligent temperature automatic identity check cajas are hot push!

by:Fdata     2020-07-30
As the epidemic prevention and control measures of the country's escalating, temperature detection is the most basic is the most common way of prevention and control, however, in many places the checks or to stay in the original temperature gun one gun type test, apart from the artificial workload big, this way is more likely to be close to detect the risk of transmission. About temperature test, high tech intelligent temperature measuring identity check terminal system to play hardcore! The latest update of intelligent temperature measurement when rich identity check terminal can support the contactless temperature measurement and identification function. By using infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement technology and binocular live detection function, man-machine range 0. Within 7 to 1 m of temperature measurement, measurement precision 3 & deg; C, realize non-contact temperature measurement, safe and efficient. This way of contactless believe that with the improvement of people's health consciousness, also will become more and more popular. Contactless temperature measurement, non contact self-help cashier, contactless payment methods such as sweep yards are widely used in shopping in the supermarket. Self-help cashier, for example, before the outbreak of an epidemic is already applied in many supermarket chain. Sweep code purchase, domestic standard of self-help cash register into a large supermarket. I plan to go to the supermarket purchasing food from work a few days ago, he saw many people in the check-out time the self-service checkout scan goods, artificial checkout queue of people rarely. If before self-help supermarket cash register is to improve the efficiency of cashier, then use self-service register outbreak period, is to reduce human contact, reduce the risk of the spread of the virus. Self-help cashier settlement, can support commodity bar code scanning, brush face pay the payments and receipts, code printing, can support the rapid commodity settlement and contactless mobile payment ( Including scan code and brush face payment) 。 In the future, no contact self-help temperature test and self-help cashier power market operation bring customers more rest assured, more efficient shopping experience.
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