Easy to understand, are read to brush face payment providers and agents!

by:Fdata     2020-07-17
Say that mobile payment market scale reached $2019, is a big cake, and it is of common concern to be giants, mobile payment is the basic pattern of WeChat, pay treasure to pair, cloud pay APP occupies a seat position, but still can't compete with pair size. WeChat mobile payment by alipay, arose, but with a strong social attribute points go half market, flash pay APP cloud joint Banks and many payment institutions gradually eroded the market share, especially in the field of vertical bus unify river's lake, 2018, pay treasure to the loss of most of the field bus market. The emergence of brush now face paying more accord with ecological concept, pay treasure has been do now smart pos and other single tool is just a payment tool, and the effect of no intelligence, to pay treasure to the concept of digital business. Pay treasure to have unified upstream and downstream, the basis of introduced brush face to pay the special trend. In fact, from the factors to consider, whether pay treasure, WeChat, all have no so big of human, can be brushed face pay alone laying equipment, so the service came into being, many service provider in the early 2018 began to pay attention to power brush face, brush face pay marketing system research and development. Brush face pay now on the market do have two mature way, a company, through relevant technology directly into pay treasure and WeChat official ISV service, make the biggest profit. Or directly to join an existing ISV service provider to act as their agent, both have its advantages and disadvantages. What is a service provider and agent? Today we will explain it to simple and easy to understand. Alipay WeChat only authorized service providers, because the market is too big, can only put the open platform, let the service provider to do, and service providers to recruit agents are generally want to do this business, but don't put so much or don't want to early to throw so much money, so can only to do agent, to put it bluntly service providers is to pay treasure to WeChat senior clerk, and the agent is the salesman, in this way can we better explore the market, will face brush pay machine quickly spread into the market. Official FenRun is not applying for a service provider will be able to get, it needs to support software, more in need of software development and maintenance capabilities, this requires a strong technical team support, need to constantly upgrade and maintenance, also need to server, domain name service. So many personal software not able to pay money, will cooperate with pay treasure ISV service provider to act as their agent, because this step will reduce a lot of technical problems.
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