Embedded qr code scanning module + embedded order to traditional self-service equipment = code order without waiting for

by:Fdata     2020-07-23
Embedded qr code scanning module deployment is a simple, easy to integrated applications, features simple and practical embedded barcode recognition technology, can be installed inline to the traditional function of self-service equipment to expand the scan code and bar code automatic identification and data collection and transmission performance, to improve and enhance the function of the original OEM equipment experience and make it conform to the intelligent development trend in the mobile Internet era! Such as traditional self-help order equipment upgrades, such as cannot leave the mobile phone cost-effective qr code scanning module in response to the screen bar code read class application, customers in the payment link just produce mobile payment code in sweeping code mouth gently sweep can complete the payment, order to improve efficiency and service experience. Order can be found that embedded in self-service equipment on the two-dimensional scanning module is mainly used to identify the barcode information, so, which one order scanning module is more suitable for self-service equipment manufacturer place choose and buy? To this, shenzhen vision ( RAKINDA) Specially has carried on the detailed understanding and investigation and found that most models are currently on the market in conformity with the self-help order equipment use, such as cell phone sales leads LV4500R qr code scanner, EM20 qr code scanning module, or LV4200 qr code scanning module is a good choice! Then we can further understand the LV4200 two-dimensional scanning module. It is understood that mainstream LV4200 can read all kinds of one-dimensional bar code and standard 2 d barcode ( PDF417, QRCodeM1 / M2 / Micro and DataMatrix versions) 。 Also supports read GS1 - DataBarTM( RSS) Bar code, including Limited, Stacked, Expanded version; Can easily read the paper, plastic card, LCD and print media and bar code on the display medium, performance is strong, its fully integrated design, only a very small installation space, and very light in weight, very easy to embedded in a variety of product applications, such as self-help order machine, self-help pay cost machine, bus pay all-in-one, entrance guard terminal, etc. LV4200 embedded two-dimensional barcode scanning module product features: ( 1) The core technology with independent research and development of the fifth generation core decoding technology, can be quickly read the barcode of all kinds of quality. ( 2) The remarkable ability to read the screen screen bar code against doing special set-up, can adapt to low brightness and all kinds of large amount of data screen barcode sticker. ( 3) Interfaces provide USB and TTL - rich 232 interface, meet the demand of more interface.
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