Entering the dining room new era 丨 dining room to the drawbacks of the traditional solution + wisdom the canteen

by:Fdata     2020-05-25
Referred to the dining room, the in the mind of most people are still in the concept of traditional canteen, pot, not want to eat, long lines of yourself! And so on a series of shortcomings. Wisdom dining room to the emergence and popularity of the refresh the public on the new cognition of the canteen, new modern dining room to change style turn to tall on the dining room, from equipment to management system fully USES the combination of technology and experience, perfect solve traditional dining room, under the elaborate the wisdom canteen is how to solve the disadvantages of the traditional dining room, tell you why the canteen must upgrade! Traditional canteen disadvantages: 1, the meal time concentrated enterprises, schools, for example, traffic caused the canteen queue time is long, dining experience poor; 2, the traditional window mode: need multiple Windows queue selections, repeatedly and settlement respectively, slow down the dinner waiting time; 3, a food component lack of standards: artificial food standard, it is difficult to achieve fairness, dish to play much, habitual, do dishes not only less. 4, closing speed slow, error-prone: rely on artificial cashier, mental arithmetic valuation by cashier personnel, speed slow, error-prone, lines, easy to cause disputes. Wisdom canteen solution: one, the authors make effect 1, face pay, fast to pay advance payment efficiency, alleviate queue times dinner on time; 2, data visualization, improve management decision-making; 3, revenue report forms a key generation, reduce financial management cost; 4, buffet, optional meal plan can be fully automated clearing, without human intervention, save manpower, reduce operating costs. 2, 1, interactive system based on repast personnel overall taste preferences, generate data analysis, avoid nutrient unbalance; Three, security 1, alipay: safe and reliable, parents can understand children at any time have dinner details; 2, the data in the cloud, ali's tenants data independent of each other, unrelated; 3, face recognition, 99. More than 9% accuracy; 4, emergency treatment: can't identify guaranteed plan, guaranteed without Internet, temporary deterrent guaranteed; Four, big data applications 1, according to the food trading data trends, auxiliary catering center optimizing management structure, the auxiliary files according to the season, user preferences and profit margins, optimize the structure of dishes; 2, can be accurate to the minutes, days, weeks, months, years, or specified period of time to see the canteen management situation and dining, the system automatically generate reports, provide data support for the canteen management decision-making; 3, canteen back-end multidimensional data analysis, precision equipment eat to reduce the rate of leftover food, reduce operating costs, improve the image of the canteen. Understand wisdom after the structure of the canteen, it's not hard to find, wisdom canteen is using high-tech equipment + perfect management system, for many years defects of traditional dining room and made a series of adjustment and upgrading, the canteen operates and canteen diners have played an important role in the win-win, believed that along with the age step forward wisdom canteen will be more and more to improve the insufficiency of traditional dining room has been, let more diners to canteen become a kind of enjoyment, dependent!
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