Enterprises and institutions, schools, hospitals, full treasure make unusual wisdom dining room for you!

by:Fdata     2020-05-24
Full treasure created a informatization, digitization, intelligent canteen management mode, through the dining room before and after the end of management and supply chain optimization. Really take the customer as the center, is to allow users to understand their dining process, but not lower the quality of meals and dining experience. In order to show customers the advantages of full use of independent research and development based on large data, the wisdom of cloud services dining room solutions, from the remote reservation, repast, brush face cupboard take meal, independent order with all details, continuously optimize the user experience, to ensure that the user dining process lubrication, get better convenient and efficient. Full wisdom treasure canteen solutions aimed at optimizing the canteen operating process, to help the canteen in big data analysis combined with intelligent terminal equipment eat, queuing, settlement, ask a guest to stay, a series of problems such as data, reshape the canteen and customer relations, consumer experience as the core, strengthen the communication diners to improve canteen service quality. AI intelligent is the trend of The Times, and the wisdom of traditional dining room upgrade is imperative, and use tools to promote efficiency, it is the key to the wisdom the dining room floor. Full in the future will continue to treasure deep group meal areas and with wisdom dining room market, rich integration solution segment of the market, help the canteen wisdom upgrades, to explore and practice together more canteen management operation mode. The full wisdom treasure dining room what are the advantages? 1, group meals informationization leading brand 2, over time, more instances, safe and reliable software and hardware 3, industry-leading systems research and development ability 4, the implementation of a high degree of standardization, after-sale guaranteed after years of grinding, full treasure products mature, constantly improve, through deep vertical niche, full occupancy has three big solution. 1, enterprise or business dining room solution full treasure wisdom dining room to keep up with the trend of the mobile Internet, based on existing the canteen management mode of enterprises and institutions, innovation to build convenient dining room reservation and eating patterns, which can realize precise equipment eat/procurement, put an end to waste/corruption, strengthen staff and enterprises canteen to interact, improve staff canteen dining experience and service level, to improve the staff's sense of belonging and cohesion. At the same time full wisdom treasure dining room to have strong management function, not only including sourcing, cost, inventory, reporting, personnel authority, meal card management, and other basic canteen management functions, and high-end dining hall headquarters control ability, can satisfy the need of management of all the size of the cafeteria. 2, school integration solution full wisdom wisdom treasure school integration solutions is a cover school canteen management the whole process of group meal management system, in view of the college canteen, joint mobile Internet trend of The Times, innovation to build a convenient mode of canteen, the school teachers and students can provide new mobile Internet information service, help the canteen to discard the traditional catering management shortcomings, direct operation management core, from the inside out ahead of time ideas of building, the advanced Internet technology group meal solutions. 3, the hospital canteen solution full treasure wisdom canteen system for hospital canteen scene, innovation to build a convenient mode of canteen. Through the book end system, patient and escort in wards, using handheld terminal equipment reservation, qr code of the head of a bed, never leave home can booking meals. At the same time support WeChat, alipay, meal card payments, carry cash unsafe hidden trouble. Dining room repast terminal, take meal qr code scanning, food details at a glance, reduce rice and repast personnel communication cost, improve the efficiency of rice. Intelligent sideboards support any time take meal, doctors use convenient working hours are not fixed the operating room. Dining room management system management system, relaxed the menus, do the meal card, repast personnel management, procurement, enters sells saves, a key to see business data, marketing for the canteen management to provide efficient and accurate analysis method. Improve patient and staff dining experience, improve the level of canteen service and profitability. As the wisdom of canteen industry rapidly, full treasure brand awareness is higher and higher. Through the market segment of precipitation, the needs of users constantly digging, iteration of wisdom canteen system, full treasure gradually dominated in the field of wisdom canteen, believe in intelligent technology wave, full treasure will set sail, braving the!
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