Enterprises and institutions to return to work and production how to ensure the safety of the dining and attendance?

by:Fdata     2020-06-21
On February 23, the State Council zone spreading mechanism issued by the enterprise or business unit to return to work rehabilitation epidemic prevention and control measures to guide, clearly put forward enterprises and temporarily stop using fingerprint attendance machine, strengthen the management of employee collective meal. Pointed out for the dining room scene among them should be appropriately extended canteen meal time, the peak, the use of conditional boxes, scattered meals; At the same time, we must strengthen recycling clean tableware disinfection, don't have to use disposable tableware disinfection conditions; And staff canteen should avoid sitting face to face, don't talk with others, visible country attaches great importance to the safety of canteen. Enterprises and institutions to return to work after rehabilitation, the first thing to solve is attendance problems. At present most of the enterprises and attendance or punch through the fingerprint machine, the indirect contact, this will form is easy to add new champions league chances the spread of the virus. Through the facial recognition clock in, without direct contact with the equipment, you can easily identify, precision punching, compared fingerprint puncher more secure. , a full face recognition gate by 1: N 3 d recognition, millisecond response time, the recognition rate is as high as 99. 99%. In backlight, weak complex situations, effectively recognize faces. Through efficient face recognition will not only accelerate the employees clock in efficiency, also can effectively prevent the foreign staff, ensure the safety of enterprises and stable internal environment. Second, be badly in need of a big problem to solve is the problem of staff meals. How to ensure that employees normal repast, reduce the risk of new crown the spread of the virus? Full wisdom treasure cafeteria eating out of contact to help you solve the problem. Eating out of contact to ensure user repast, reduce the risk of transmission to help enterprises and better solve the problem of employee dining safety, full wisdom treasure canteen introduced the contactless repast solutions, combined with the user online reservation and canteen management, full treasure for enterprises and create safe, convenient dining environment, let employees don't worry about eating. Repast users through the full order APP treasure, in the form of lines per meal, order a meal to the dining room reservation. Dining the user can through subsidized meals, unionpay, WeChat small procedures, pay treasure to program a variety of ways to pay. Dinner canteen according to the user package packaging, order information make unified by the canteen staff after the completion of delivery or by full treasure wise sideboard. Canteen staff strict health examination before mount guard, full wisdom treasure cupboard with high temperature and uv sanitizer. Two ways can ensure the safety of repast user dining, reduce the risk of new crown the spread of the virus. Wisdom through full treasure canteen contactless solution, dinner connect both sides of the user and the dining room, through the online order, offline distribution/since, for the dining room and the dining users set up a safe, convenient and efficient platform for the order. Refinement operations to reduce food waste to reduce the operation cost full wisdom treasure the canteen by reservation period control don't eating, but after the designated deadline, unified view dining customers order, all kinds of dishes order quantity can be by food composition evaluation function, precision fine to calculate number of ingredients needed. Dining room inside the archives mouths can provide full wisdom treasure dining room with a number of ingredients required for equipment eat, adjust the production quantity, production quantity of different dishes do not match, reduce unnecessary waste of food, achieve the canteen digital equipment eat. Full wisdom treasure canteen back-end data information, provide a key generation reporting features, reconciliation is convenient. The canteen management dinner to each user to be in the booking meal and personal basic information, including name, contact information, and subordinate departments, order frequency, preference for food, etc. At the same time can also through the background data aggregation function, check individual orders and related organization order, analysis of various archives mouths order data. In addition, full wisdom treasure also supports the unified management of the canteen, canteen system online system reconciliation, realize the archives mouths and dining room, dining room and dining room, dining room with enterprise common reconciliation, inside and outside the organization reconciliation. The food to Ann first, full treasure deep group meal field for many years, through full wisdom treasure canteen contactless repast solution, for the enterprises and employees to provide a safe and convenient online reservation service, perfect background management platform for enterprises and the canteen, canteen in order to realize the precise equipment eat, employee safety.
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