Enterprises canteen transformation is imminent, dining room to stand out from the wisdom or into a new turning point!

by:Fdata     2020-07-27
Outbreaks in domestic has obtained good control, the enterprise, the scenic spot to resume operation to return to work orderly. But very different from years ago landscape is, in all walks of life are in the disaster in the different risk and machine, outstanding performance in a wide range of collapse, food and beverage outlets and group meal enterprise transformation to borrow. Notable is, wisdom canteen management system through the upgrade, optimizing operation process, to help in the fight disease group meal enterprise obtained the proud achievement. In the first quarter of the whole, 0 eat-in brought down the large amounts of food and beverage outlets. In stark contrast, most of the enterprises and institutions of the dining room business is almost full capacity, in the process of epidemic struggle, through the online order, canteen catering, cupboard take food, to staff dining and normal operation of the enterprise, provides a great convenience. But because structure diverse group meal operation forms, most of the enterprises and institutions canteens by party a in the contracting mode, according to party a's work condition, dining room has to meet all kinds of problems, such as return to work personnel to isolate the problem, food procurement difficulties, dining safety issues, etc. For such situation, wisdom canteen contactless repast solution, can through online reservation + canteen/out a cupboard to the way of effective for canteen eat-in shunt, reduce the number of dining room scene from the base, not only improve the efficiency of the repast, also greatly reduced the canteen reliance on human. The canteen system not only such, wisdom in help enterprise dining room to return to work, the transformation at the same time, also for the development of group meal industry puts forward the contingency planning. Supplier of canteen managers can through the APP online purchase, for the dining room to provide efficient and safe canteen solutions, system can generate different dimension data reports at the same time, provide scientific data for canteen operations support. Survey reported that 50% of food enterprises have said the outbreak of first-quarter revenue to at least 50% or more of the influence, of which 25% of companies said first-quarter revenue will fall - 90 100%. A batch of strength of the club food enterprises, including chain restaurant, hotel and other began to gain an inter-bank joined the group meal market, through the delivery platform, conduct business, unit collective order delivery methods such as group meal industry formally entered the stage of recruiting spit the old, the crisis of development. The process, full treasure to suggest that all parties to strengthen the construction of standardization, informationization and intelligent, improve enterprise core competitiveness, combined to build a complete and competitive group meal industry chain, is to constantly adapt to the development of the industry for a long time.
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