Entity shop experience 'brush face' pay, depth excavation market demand

by:Fdata     2020-06-17
This year are expected to usher in a large-scale commercial as facial recognition technology one of the most widely used way, brush face pay overall acceleration commercial in 2018, is increasingly integrated into the daily life. Industry insiders predict that in 2019 with the ground of AI technology, represented by brush face pay pay will become mainstream, and is looking to usher in large-scale commercial entity store. Currently on the market of the common face brush device is the size of the brush face payment gradually in the entity shop floor you choose what payment? Brush a face. This is recently in Beijing ChaoYangMenWai taste beautiful cake shop at the scene, as the one of the earliest access brush face payment system of the business, People's Daily online IT channel reporter saw in the store, the cashier is putting on a face of the size of the brush device, the customer first to enter the phone number at the time of payment, the face on the camera, face recognition, a few seconds can be successful payment. Brush face pay opened more than a month since the payment has a lot of customer experience brush face every day. Learned, since 2018, brush face ground application pay more in the country, to brush the face features of self-help cashier machines have been in the retail, catering, health care and other large commercial use in the scene. Xian in shaanxi, the country's first brush face pay business circle before the Spring Festival in qujiang. The qujiang Joy City already has more than 80% of the merchants paid support pay treasure to brush a face. In wenzhou, zhejiang province, has a profound historical background of five horses street wear a halo of new technology, upgrade become the first brush face pay commercial street, people can go shopping shopping with brush face. The graph is jingdong offline 7 fresh supermarket support brush face payment cashier equipment statistics show that the current Internet companies such as alibaba, jingdong, suning offline stores have been opened to brush face payment functions. Although the mobile payment is now very popular, but in offline scenarios when users are often faced with inconvenient to pay phones, such as holding a lot of things, her child in her arms, etc. , or in the user forgot to take my mobile phone, mobile phone without electricity, and so on and so forth, brush face pay to provide users with more convenient choice. And from a business perspective, brush face pay lower labor costs, improve the efficiency of a certain payment. Compared with the cash and sweep code, brush face pay more quickly and accurately. From the perspective of the use effect of store, the cashier efficiency increased by more than 60%, avoid the user in the case of peak queue. Widely concern about the safety for the users, industry experts believe that brush face compared fingerprint payment, safety performance is more reliable. Ant algorithm suits senior expert, said li liang of gold through the combination of hardware and software, the intelligent algorithm, combined with risk control system, ensure the accuracy and safety the recognition accuracy is 99. 99%. After a reporter at the scene of contrast, brush face payment settlement velocity is more efficient in 2019 is expected to become the present artificial intelligence of the first year of large-scale commercial, face recognition technology is one of the earliest to the application of technology. Its application scenario is increasingly rich, and constantly refresh people's imagination. In terms of brush face technology, our country at present in the application, which are go-ahead to the ground, the underlying technology is accelerating. Application scenario for the rich and the rising industry demand, makes face recognition technology can be more ground in the industry. However, compared to other brush face of application of popularity, brush face to pay the commercialization of the process is slightly lags behind, the difficulty lies in the payment link application security requirements higher, offline scene is more complex, and the challenge of public environment and public facilities. Face recognition technology has made great progress, but in the real complex scenarios, there are still quite difficult want to do a very good experience. And with AI technology in image processing efficiency greatly improve, under the capital strength and the major Internet companies to promote, the personage inside course of study is expected to brush the face pay truly after landing in the second half of 2018, in 2019 is expected to usher in the first year of commercial, the future is likely to be popular like qr code payment. Brush face pay popularize the biggest challenge is to solve a variety of commercial equipment brush on the face of cashier, adaptation, stable operation on all kinds of commercial cashier equipment still exist great challenges, to solve good 3 d camera imaging algorithm, processing, transmission optimization and a series of problems. In addition, the computer vision technology to bring you the payment so far is not only a brush face is simple, it will bring the production benefit to a greater level of ascension and change. Face recognition technology can bring on productivity growth. This kind of ascension is to traditional industry to associated with visual artificial enhance or substitution of the part, in order to reduce costs, improve efficiency; On the other hand is to bring new interaction experience and application, form a new application scenarios. According to the report, brush face convenient payment is can't compare with other payment methods, its brings the scene experience refreshing. In the coming era of new retail, brush face pay will push to the development of the retail industry and transformation, for many emerging consumption patterns provide broad space for growth.
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