Entity stores alleviate the pressure of the rent, think fast days store cashier system protection small recruit to you

by:Fdata     2020-06-01
Special period, leading to economic stagnation, no one, no one can accuse each other of course, need to do right now, in addition to the complete protection, that is ready to resume operations. As a professional focus on system research and development of enterprises, stores, shop fast days or some action, don't know if I can be '? Special period in this outbreak, the real economy there for all to see, it's really worrying, in addition to a second-tier cities of some supermarkets, convenience stores, etc. , providing supplies stores, many entity stores were closed, with more and more long time, the entity stores will face a lot of pressure. Rent, the cost of the goods, the cost of living is rising day by day, and some people who are opened to open business also stagnant pace at a loss. Anxiety, worry moment around the shopkeepers, the face of such situation, how to solve the anxiety and ready to recover? First of all business owners, can pause, this time to cooperate with government protection measures; But stop will not inaction, but can be a detailed analysis of their own business ideas, such as matters concerning the requirements of shop, shop location, business strategy, site selection, rent, capital adequacy, personnel hiring and management issues, and the choice of store cashier system use, of course, the newsletter day shop all the time in service, spared more concern; Is ready only owe the east wind, so early in the past, can only wait for outbreak in preparation for departure. This time followed by existing store owners, the rent is burning in the heart of the building, how to do? First, can communicate with the landlord to communicate, see if appropriate, breaks a little rent, and of course if landlord does not agree, no moral kidnapping resentment, can communicate with the landlord again, to rent from this period of time, the first by pressing the point into the method of late give compensation, such as normal after the resumption of its business, in addition to basic rent, through business benefit what percentage to the landlord, then after a few months time to finish and then stop; Although said in the end is not free, but at least ease the current rent with anxiety. Of course, not all landlords and communication, after all, involves the interests, who all don't want to. The store owners of this kind of circumstance, or try to let go of mentality, this time at home make base of protection, such as the outbreak after temper, as usual, you can have a good dry. People in business, also can't get timely solve all problems, but one year is for sure, that's all problems can be solved. Finally, think fast days store cashier system nor sleeve hands beside, this very period, the opening of the live courses, shopkeepers client APP at home by PC or mobile phone to log in bi li bi li search fast days shop to watch the recent class.
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