Epidemic period to stay stop using fingerprint attendance machine, temperature + attendance machine ChengXinChong face recognition

by:Fdata     2020-05-12
There has been a positive change with the outbreak, many enterprises and employees are beginning to return to work on epidemic prevention and economic development to combine. In order to ensure the safety of enterprise can order instability to return to work on February 21, the State Council issued by the enterprise or business unit to return to work and production of disease prevention and control measures guide, require companies to be mastered flows to the staff, and make a day of moderate health monitoring management. Guide also specially pointed out that to strengthen the registration and management in and out of the personnel, stop using the fingerprint attendance machine, to switch to other methods to register the attendance, to reduce the infection and spread the risk. Sky-wave TPS480 authentication terminals have fingerprint identification function during outbreaks, every time employees into the enterprise unit or plant, should be at the entrance temperature, temperature is normal before. From during the outbreak of resume work requirements, temperature measuring gun, thermometer and contactless attendance equipment become necessary construction enterprise. Temperature detection is the first important pass, epidemic prevention for fast measuring temperature thermometer mainly is divided into temperature required for guns and non-contact temperature measuring terminal. But in the face of more company factory building Numbers for daily temperature measurement, using temperature gun for inspectors workload is a great work. Now many companies have used non-contact thermometer, namely we often say the infrared temperature measuring terminal. Enterprise to return to work also to measuring temperature, locked good prevention temperature measurement can rely on infrared measuring temperature and temperature measuring gun terminal fix, but many companies are using fingerprint attendance machine, during the outbreak is suspended use fingerprint attendance machine, and how to implement attendance? Is mainly from the non-contact the key consideration. Currently, the main contactless attendance for the mobile terminal clock in and clock in, brush face more high-end face recognition attendance machine with a mask can even through the facial recognition determine employee status. As check terminal TPS980 sky-wave intelligent temperature measurement, can achieve at the same time, face recognition and NFC card attendance, either during or after the outbreak of disease, can be convenient and identity of check on work attendance check terminals, used in office buildings, residential quarters, Banks, hospitals and other places. Sky-wave smart identity check terminal, can support the infrared temperature measurement, face recognition, and id card read function advantages of infrared measuring temperature terminal is that don't have to contact participants, temperature measuring speed, avoid cross infection. In 2003 during the SARS period and a few years ago the ebola outbreak in Africa, many public places and epidemic prevention is applied to the infrared temperature measurement in the terminal. According to the ministry of industry and raw materials industrial director of wang wei, is expected to the current national automatic infrared temperature detector demand will reach 60000 units. It should be pointed out that, infrared thermometer easy affected by factors such as wind speed, so the application of infrared thermometer might affect it in the outdoor temperature measurement accuracy, suggest installation used in office buildings, community, shopping malls and other indoor places.
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