Epidemic prevention and control and how to balance of anxiety in the college entrance examination approaching!

by:Fdata     2020-06-12
Never has such a long holiday, never so eager to return to campus, return to the classroom. On the Internet, I saw many such messages. Maybe someone thought that only high, college students would think so, but, in fact, even think the pupils are looking forward to return to campus, more fun, after all, the king also can not hold up against children a desire to go to school. Have to say, a sudden outbreak, let a lot of children have grown up a lot of, the winter go again! Today, another big province of fujian province, hundreds of thousands of students of senior three officially start classes. Although full screen is about to reopen, school news, small make up or from news messages, saw the parties is not easy, this a few months hard struggle against the epidemic, finally can back to normal in exchange for a child. Think about it, can't help but tears the eyes moist. The early stage of the Ministry of Education has issued notice, this year the university entrance exam delay a month, which is in July, just less than 3 months from now, I don't know all the university entrance exam students and their parents can not anxiety, but also experienced the college entrance examination I full screen felt the anxiety, the anxiety is a kind of uncertainty caused by the anxiety, while sitting at home in the past few months with online classes and is sitting in the classroom is so big. Without going through the examination period a period, without the experience of the bell and the bell, the papers sent down the uneasy, didn't see the teacher that float in the sky of reviews and bright red or engraved on the low or high score feel everything is uncertain, fantasy is self-doubt. Also good, experienced a long wait, fujian three finally had the requirement of school, students can finally run in campus, efforts to sprint! Maybe, starts in each region will be accompanied by a lot of parents worry and doubt, but xiao bo think each region's opening must be after allowing the local government, assessing risk, so parents need to let go of these questions, have a good cooperate with the school after the start of each item of the epidemic prevention measures, to assist children in school at the same time properly to do their own health. Schools face recognition temperature behind in every school, let's not forget how many teachers and precinct, community and epidemic prevention workers in hard effort. Such as school personnel in order to maintain, school entrance guard management one meter distance enrolled out of contact face recognition ( Brush face temperature) Temperature, no contact disinfection clean, the classroom, dormitory, canteen, bathroom, one meter has no contact with tables and chairs isolation, point-to-point, class to class a contactless room, and so on. Last month, when science and technology to provide facial recognition of temperature measuring instrument has been deployed in xiamen of fujian and some other high school campus, yesterday, in the local for a line from the scene of the school campus do commissioning work partner application photos, watching the students in an orderly and safe back to his beloved campus, xiao bo also feel infinite joy. School brush face temperature measuring equipment of classes in the school all epidemic prevention measures for power at the same time, we parents need to do? To all have can of school children, our parents to do not dinner, not to people more populated place, go out must wear masks, home to disinfect. I believe that as long as each family member consciously do personal protection, as long as ensure the safe of each family, is to ensure the safe of a class of children. Although some three to implement the closed management, but still hope every day the students of senior three families can do this.
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