Epidemic prevention and control, and never relax. The bus body temperature to check!

by:Fdata     2020-05-12
For the prevention and control measures of public transportation, now should belong to the prevention and control of city bus check the most trouble, because a car is a driver, need temperature inspection of each bus passengers, the end of the day, driving even, if still use temperature gun in one test, large work aside, also can increase the risk of personnel gathered test cross transmission, and personnel information, data, can field bus timely entry, background statistics and summary, big data won't be able to real-time monitoring train staff travel path and whether to close contacts. Bus streets run every day, how to do a train personnel information test and temperature test? Now there are a number of technology companies after facial recognition technology research and development of face recognition body thermometer, in view of the city bus, the bus and other public transport traffic intelligent temperature inspection equipment is coming! In February, the guangzhou part of bus lines in the country take the lead in the pilot installation face recognition thermometer. Bus face recognition thermometer 1 second fastest can complete scanning probe temperature. If the car passengers more, face recognition thermometer can quickly finish temperature, higher practicability. Be worth what carry is, face recognition thermometer installed in the bus door position, the temperature can be measured, bus information records, to voice prompt health, without driver intervention. Is, when temperature terminal face recognition technology research and development team, their faces check body temperature check solution is can make use of cloud computing, big data, face recognition tools such as thermometer, epidemic monitoring, in view of the actual scene need to customize a comprehensive solution can be applied in the unit of bus, bus, bus, car, tour buses, such as public traffic scene, around the epidemic prevention and control to improve management efficiency, make contributions to win war disease at an early date! The system need to install face recognition in the bus body temperature monitor, face recognition has witness than temperature measuring machine, face recognition, temperature detection, high temperature early warning function, masks recognition function, 4 g communication function, let the bus is more secure, intelligent temperature control work. Face recognition real-time temperature monitor data synchronization to unit epidemic surveillance platform, each unit to monitor bus ride through the epidemic surveillance platform staff health. Salute all in epidemic prevention as part of efforts to medical personnel and disease resistance, fight foreign case of input is the key of the our current work, don't let the early efforts into a sieve, just don't let the outbreak again resurgent. Prevention and control is to seal the point! Prevention and control is to seal the point! Prevention and control is to seal the point! Prevention of public transportation, also can't relax!
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