Epidemic prevention and control, identity check terminal power to buy medicine, riding to the system!

by:Fdata     2020-08-15
As coming rework height, epidemic prevention and control into the key period, many places have been upgraded. On February 9, in guangdong province is put forward, the entire province all retail pharmacies in the sale fever, cough medicines shall be subject to the real-name registration system. To buy the personnel of fever, cough medicines should register for the test of personal information. Drug store to buy a particular drug be real-name registration on February 11, to foshan segment of guangfo metro passengers in addition to pit for temperature measurement, also need to show your identification card. On February 12th, foshan also further in buses and taxis, the epidemic information management system is introduced in calling for passengers in the bus lane and a cab, and code to register the real-name system information, convenient for personal travel route, traces the epidemic transmission effectively. By subway section needs to show your identification card the kinds of measures, all involved in the system of id card and other personal information and binding. Buy medicine, take the subway all need the system, also be very period under the very means. Through the real-name registration, can better tracking patients' action track, better screening transmission range. And to implement these measures, particularly in the flow of traffic, if use pure hand temperature test of artificial registration, low efficiency, more easily because of frequent contact with people and make infection rate has been increased. Identity check intelligent terminal for the intelligent temperature test witness compared, personnel identification provides a new method. Use a temperature measurement module of intelligent witness compared to terminal ( Such as sky wave intelligent temperature measuring identity check terminal TPS980) , can complete the test at the same time the identity check two steps. These smart witness contrast terminal, in addition to reduce the risk of infection on manual operation, more can upload information in time to connect with the Ministry of Public Security of the database, data statistics and analysis. As a result, many stations, office buildings, residential area identification registration will introduce smart identity check terminal. Sky-wave smart identity check terminal, can support the infrared temperature measurement, face recognition, and id card read function at present, the new type of coronavirus pneumonia is the feature of strong concealment, long incubation period, infectivity is strong. Early discovery, early isolation is the key to epidemic prevention and control. Non-contact intelligent terminal and real time data to upload, can maximum limit cut off the spread of the epidemic. Guangdong sky-wave gateway control scheme of intelligent epidemic prevention, combined with the intelligent hardware + + AI algorithm software, let the sky wave intelligent identity check terminal TPS708, TPS980 comes with the features of the infrared measuring temperature rapid temperature measurement, and through the facial recognition and identification card read function, a second identification is the body's temperature measurement and identity, and upload real-time data platform, even to distribute the information to the corresponding cell phone side, convenient managers know the situation in a timely manner. Sky wave intelligent gateway control epidemic prevention gateway control scheme of guangdong sky-wave epidemic prevention scheme can support body temperature measurement, id identification, personnel management, information, data upload and other functions, set of intelligent system, can quickly lock suspected cases. Used in office buildings, residential quarters, school, hospital, railway stations, airports, Banks, pharmacies and other places, can fully meet the requirements of prevention and management, epidemic prevention detection efficiency, reduce workload of staff, enhance the level of prevention and control and epidemic prevention.
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