Epidemic prevention and control tool now 丨 sky-wave TPS980 face recognition temperature measuring terminal

by:Fdata     2020-06-12
In the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology at present, face recognition is not a new thing. Brush face pay, entrance guard, brush brush face face into the station and so on, face recognition application in life everywhere. In establishing city, face recognition is playing a more and more important role, also has a broad space for development. But an outbreak seems to make face recognition useless, everyone wore masks, face recognition can accurately identify? Brush face pay involving personal information and property safety, therefore, in the face brush for the application of face recognition technology involves the information of confused face, is based on 3 d information to determine whether reality and my face, including the nose features such as height, eye bump, when there's a face mask in the block, pay will interfere with the brush face recognition accuracy. But some applications in other places, have a plenty of is not affected. Under the influence of the new champions league pneumonia outbreak, almost anywhere all need temperature measurement, and even in some places still need to identify each person's identity information. So researchers after wearing masks, how to realize face recognition and synchronous detection temperature? Guangdong sky-wave recently developed temperature measuring terminal TPS980 face recognition is implemented face recognition synchronous test temperature. Below we together to see the advantage of it! Sky-wave intelligent temperature measuring terminal hardware TPS980 human face recognition, the external infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement technology with binocular live test, with a mask can accurate temperature measurement, power enterprises and production to return to work. Sky-wave TPS980 customized intelligent face recognition temperature measuring machine adopts industrial-grade motherboard design, onboard RK3399 chipset, stable performance, quick brush face. In addition, the sky wave TPS980 brush face attendance machine USES the Android 7. 1 system, supports secondary development docking. Sky wave infrared measuring temperature terminal TPS980 face recognition an organic whole, is the non-contact temperature measurement of infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement technology, man-machine range 0. 7 m - 1 meter of internal temperature measurement, the measurement precision of 0. 3 ℃, the realization of non-contact and high precision temperature measurement, security quickly and efficiently. Sky wave intelligent terminal hardware development of face recognition temperature measuring visitors TPS980 can realize multi-function identification, start with an infrared sensor, the user can realize face recognition in about 1 meter, integrated binocular wide dynamic camera, have eyes living detection function, with double fill light, precise positioning fetching biological characteristics, rapid implementation brush face recognition, face brush registration truly liberation front desk's hands. More optional custom id card and IC card identification module, any function is applied to the more contrast and identity check. Sky wave intelligent brush TPS980 visitors to face temperature measuring machine, can support custom NFC card function, support ISO14443 type A/B, compatible ISO18092. Sky-wave TPS980 can customize the hybrid identification, the second generation card reading function and face recognition function, to provide users with more efficient testing to identify the environment. Sky-wave intelligent hardware meticulously, from the perspective of cost and technology innovation, originality design TPS980 face recognition thermometer, delicate and cabinet durable, and equipped with removable mobile scaffold, small floor space, the use of flexible, suitable for all kinds of face recognition temperature measurement. Sky-wave custom TPS980 face recognition can have abundant interface temperature measuring machine, including relay interface, RS485 / wiggins interfaces, power supply, RJ45 interface, 12 v power supply output interface, and so on. Dynamic facial recognition thermometer TPS980 supports a variety of installations, a wall-mounted or brake machine, support enterprises to resume work brush brush face temperature attendance, face temperature measuring registration, and other business scenario. Be worth what carry is, face recognition temperature measuring terminal through public security database, the id of the person that can understand directly information, through large data obtaining travel data recently, determine whether from the epidemic area and prevent the epidemic from input. Out of contact, save time and effort, and reduce the contact temperature measurement personnel, reduce the risk of infection. Guangdong sky wave to focus on the construction of open intelligent hardware custom solutions, products include intelligent handheld pos terminal series, intelligent desktop pos terminal series, the series of cabinet intelligent pos terminals. Provide one-stop intelligent hardware custom solutions, and is widely used in security, catering, tourism, hotel, logistics, retail, department stores and so on all walks of life.
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