Epidemic prevention and control, when rich facial recognition temperature testing equipment power register information!

by:Fdata     2020-05-28
Roared a new type of pneumonia outbreak spoiled our festival of Chinese New Year atmosphere, upset our hot start to prepare. Outbreak is relentless, but people love, when people from all walks of life are devoted to a line in the resistance to disease and epidemic prevention, as one of the high-tech enterprises in shenzhen city, when science and technology, in the face of the serious situation of the national war of plague epidemic prevention, is how to make full use of existing research and development technology, power of inward and outward and epidemic prevention control working in public places? Small make up take you quickly understand. With its first travel peak of the cities, major transport hub has become a key protection and detection. Under this situation, not only for all traffic for quick accurate temperature measurement, and linkage id information, check the car or boarding passengers identity, Including can quickly query to determine whether to close contact personnel) epidemic 。 When rich, witness check temperature measuring terminal without someone holding temperature gun melee one check, just enable the non-contact witness check body temperature detection system, the system automatically fast witness comparison, synchronous launch test and identity check both sped up the gateway control speed, also greatly reduces staff manual detection of risk of the spread of the virus to easily. At present, the disease prevention and control measures deployed around the tight deployment, most of the residential area and office building, street entrances are implemented closed-end management, in and out of the personnel must carry on the strict registration. In practice, into the personnel to handwritten registration information or to register community personnel to provide proof of identity, all these need hand touching, will no doubt increase the risk of a transmission. Use when rich smart id card check terminal, just before the equipment with id and face capture, facial recognition and witness comparison can be quickly without hand touching the whole process. Through system connected to the Internet, can quickly check into the staff area travel path, so as to timely screening for close contact, timely monitor. In addition, combined with intelligent system and platform, smart id card check terminal can automatically collect and statistical data in and out of the village of personnel, increase effective comprehensive prevention and control of epidemic prevention work. Has been proved a new type of coronavirus can be spread by contact with the handle and cause, so each unit completes the entrance guard management, to ensure that the discrepancy between personnel zero contact is the key. Use of face recognition entrance guard terminal industry, through the brush face of rapid identification, the system automatically open the door, reduce the risk of an outbreak. When rich, witness new upgrade terminal access to personnel can check at 0. 5 meters away quickly through the facial recognition check identity, quick start, access control, attendance systems with temperature pacing system, over temperature early warning. No need for manual operation and contact throughout the whole process, timely blocking transmission chain from person to person. The time to return to work waiting, the company's research and development of emergency tasks allocated to the research and development department members, with the remote work mode in; Production material preparation has been in close communication and interaction with suppliers; The preparing work before production is scattered by the corresponding position in orderly manner; Customer order in the follow up one by one. February 18 ( Tuesday) Company officially reopened, order business will be fully start the delivery. No one will not pass without a winter the spring would not be come we believe haze in the past must be sunshine! China!
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