Epidemic prevention attendance artifact: face recognition temperature measuring the powerful function of entrance guard machine!

by:Fdata     2020-06-10
Face recognition temperature entrance guard is all-in-one PC? Believe many people know that faces at present stage in temperature measuring machine in and out of campus, community, business office buildings, government affairs and public service places need to measure temperature, screening, such as personnel and the application of the complex such as door access control has more extensive applications in the scene. Compared with a hand-held infrared thermometer, face recognition entrance guard all-in-one with long distance, large area, and the advantages of non-contact temperature and rapid screening, but also condensed the face detection, face alignment, live detection, door access control, attendance management, and such as high temperature alarm function, which is with the deepening of the concept of Internet of things as well as the national epidemic prevention and control needs derived under the background of a thermometer, face recognition based on face recognition + thermal imaging temperature measurement technology research and development, so, face recognition temperature measurement can be applied to the door machine what respect, you know? ( 1) Face temperature measurement model is applied to kindergarten/school entrance guard machine, security escort for the teachers and students in kindergarten, primary and secondary school ahead, how to safeguard the physical health of teachers and students in the security has become a major concern for resumption of schooling? To this, shenzhen vision ( RAKINDA) Special launched a special response to the outbreak need F2 - some of the temperature measuring type intelligent products H face temperature (entrance guard machine Optional brake machine version) , this product can be deployed in the campus gate place to determine the identity of the students or children, but also can be like normal temperature measuring gun, the best part is, F2 - H of the non-contact precision measuring temperature + access control attendance card reader, and other functions, but with wisdom campus management system supporting deployment, without quick screening, attendance records, and automatic generation of temperature data statistical analysis and reporting, Can export) To parents, teachers and students, school administrators can be very simple and convenient to know the students and students health. ( 2) Face recognition temperature will become enterprise access control attendance machine return to work and production of epidemic prevention attendance artifact now the basic control domestic outbreak, and many enterprises will face starts in succession, but as a result of international is in the midst of the outbreak of epidemic trend, unavoidably exist outside the risk of input. Throughout the progress of the era of science and technology, for enterprises to return to work and production, the traditional way of measuring body temperature ( The forehead temperature gun and mercury thermometers) Is no longer applicable, and the traditional fingerprint puncher way also can have the risk of cross infection, so is there a also has the distance measuring temperature and access control attendance functions of intelligent terminal, and the answer is yes! Shenzhen vision ( RAKINDA) The pillar type infrared face recognition F2 - access control attendance machine FH using thermal imaging remote temperature measurement technology + AI facial recognition technology, support the body temperature detection, temperature display, real-time speech, automatically generated with temperature attendance record, 1 meter kop temperature detection, detection precision is less than 0. 5 ℃, the second level detection speed and support temperature data, support in the case of wearing masks to realize face recognition. The most important thing is, even after the outbreak, F2 - FH face recognition still can use face attendance access control attendance machine function instead of traditional fingerprint punch machine, its most important functions into full play. Such as community, government and other places of public services need to use such as face recognition, face attendance, entrance guard access control scenarios can be said to be countless, here is a tautology. Today, shenzhen vision ( RAKINDA) Face recognition technology at the present stage production of a few main force measuring temperature at the school gate entrance guard attendance machine temperature measurement, enterprise resume work attendance, the factory gates temperature measurement, as well as places for administrative and public services in such aspects as the main entrance temperature measurement has many successful cases, satisfaction of the fixed place daily traffic sign in the crowd and temperature monitoring, health care, community streets, park office building, campus and public institutions and other places of entrance guard access and attendance. Temperature measuring face entrance guard all-in-one technology innovation and development, is shenzhen vision ( RAKINDA) As the Internet of things the responsibility of the enterprise, through the use of intelligent face recognition product realization of different functions, meet the needs of different customers, is a research and development production enterprise pursues, and continue to pursue new technology breakthrough in the field of face recognition.
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