Every struggle in resistance to disease and epidemic prevention way people are in the age of heroes!

by:Fdata     2020-05-29
If the involved in disease resistance line of medical staff, police, community workers, Courier, such as disease resistance hero is the front, so in order to resist disease supplies and go all out on the type of research and development, production, supply chain should be is behind the hero! At the time of disease is difficult to pledge, each and every one of us strive to resist disease were heroes of The Times. In order to alleviate the domestic mask panic gree, byd companies such as temporary increased the mask line, in order to meet the needs of around the epidemic control, temperature, face recognition temperature measuring device is underway in the supply. And more intelligent face recognition temperature measuring device with its obvious functional advantages in the epidemic control single light in the scene. Will face recognition technology combined with infrared thermal imaging temperature test, both can identify personnel identity and accurately grasp the real-time temperature of different time, place, personnel. In early February, epidemic situation, in order to assist a gleam of prevention and control, in shenzhen, when science and technology research and development team to use big data power to block transmission of information, improve communication resource investigation, on the basis of facial recognition technology of access control devices, load the infrared temperature measurement template, now equipment has been put into use partial application places all over the country. The research and development team to overcome the three technical problems and production practice. One is the high precision temperature measurement technology based on infrared thermal images, the r&d team in the early return to work, using the remote office mode, each department closely during outbreaks, successfully broke through the high precision temperature measurement based on general infrared measuring WenMo group of stable and reliable, wearing a mask face, three technologies such as customized database. Have a stronger ability to resist environmental interference, can satisfy the needs of most application environment; 2 it is stable and reliable facial recognition technology, the use of the key feature of wearing a mask face, the r&d team play in facial recognition technology advantage, through optimizing the shade area feature vector set operator, implements the class testing environment, more use of wearing a mask face feature, measured man wearing a mask, even if also can achieve barrier-free recognition, stable and reliable to identify personnel identity; Three is testing data collection and effective supervision, the team applied a customized development platform based on hierarchical control and research and development of ideas, the developed system can according to different users, customize the corresponding testing data management model, and applies the upper edge to calculate a variety of the characteristic information of the visit may need to solve the data desensitization and can meet the need of disease control. At present, the research and development team is working on a team and work together, the clock propulsion components assembly and product quality inspection work orderly, meet the needs of the epidemic prevention and control of a line of every minute counts. As of March 23, the infrared temperature measurement algorithm temperature screening devices have several provinces and cities in the country's hospitals, office units, schools, factories, parks, communities, business hall and other public places, greatly promoted the returning tide in return to work, and temperature in the back-to-school screening efficiency.
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