Face recognition brake machine used in building site, the advantage and function of the school!

by:Fdata     2020-06-21
Mention brush face attendance, and everybody feels it's application on the tall office buildings. White-collar workers stood for a second before face recognition device, it can complete the attendance of automatic identification, like don't need to punch attendance or ever according to the fingerprint attendance. But in fact, brush face attendance is becoming more and more widely used in building site attendance, mining area and large activities. Contrast is fixed for a long time in the office of personnel, construction site, mining or large activities in staff liquidity is bigger, so using facial recognition is more urgent demand for identities. In some construction sites, a worker stood in front of the area at the site to brush before connecting face recognition device gate face attendance, facial recognition devices will be able to identify and to display his name information. After successful authentication, face recognition gate automatically opened, workers can finish brush face attendance, into the construction site. A teacher at the school gate, stood slightly before entering the school gate, brush before connecting face recognition device gate face recognition, face recognition device can identify successful and open the gate. After successful authentication, face recognition brake machine automatically open school teacher can finish brush face to enter the campus. Last year, the ministry issued the system measures for the administration of the construction workers, require construction site workers to register as a real-name system information. Through brush face attendance, the attendance information can be input city people club department work platform, construction site according to the information of each brush workers face attendance on pay, working hours calculation, etc. , to ensure that the construction workers in a timely and accurate, also can prevent ever take a credit card, credit card, and so on and so forth. Construction workers by face recognition of identity information binding, on the one hand, to facilitate the management of the construction company, prevent outsiders into the site, causing property theft; On the one hand, also can guarantee the legal rights of construction workers, electronic attendance information uploaded to the Shared platform, the credentials as working hours. According to statistics, only in zhenjiang, there are 266 construction projects using brush face attendance, standardize the construction site of industrial accounting and management, through professional payroll bank account of RMB 233. 74 million, reach 37830 construction workers. Is not only the construction site, binhu coal mine in shandong province into the Wells of workers also began to use facial recognition + iris recognition this way of hybrid identification. Miners in the intelligent miner's lamp house, brush a face, in front of the identification device can automatically through the faces and the iris recognition, staff identity authentication into the well, and voice quote us personnel name, remind staff into the well to get a miner's lamp. These facial recognition devices can record workers' access well, QuDeng light time, realize high safety management of mine operation. In some large activities, personnel flow is big, the signature clock in attendance, attendance, etc are prone to an impostor. Recently, zhongshan city, guangdong province has become the province the first volunteer service attendance clock in facial recognition is introduced into the city. In the past, volunteers need to sweep through the phone code to checkin attendance record, but there is no phone some volunteers young children and the elderly, this way of check on work attendance and lack of universal coverage all the volunteers populations. Using facial recognition system of check on work attendance, 2 seconds can finish brush brush face attendance and face sign, convenient and quick. According to volunteer in zhongshan platform statistics, in 2018, due to signal not sweep attendance has failed the total number of 1363 people, use brush face recognition of check on work attendance will help to solve these problems. Face recognition helps to achieve more efficient and convenient identification function, also saves the time and trouble of artificial one by one check, for the urban construction speed.
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