Face recognition, contactless self-help 丨 hotel tourism new demands and new opportunities

by:Fdata     2020-06-07
Should have the Spring Festival is the peak season of tourism, but this year on January 23, wuhan with outbreaks and announced the city, followed by the national traffic control. In order to prevent the spread of the new champions league, team travel collective gathering activities also have been suspended. These undoubtedly is a heavy blow to tourism, the huge pressure of cash flow, loss of orders, labor and rent costs to hotels and scenic spots, travel operators face big trouble. According to statistics, epidemic bring huge losses for more than 10 million tourism practitioners, the national tourism industry is expected loss of nearly 3 trillion yuan. Hotel tourism, however, affected by the outbreak of serious after the outbreak, such as catering, tourism, the service industry will usher in rebound. According to the degree of kay consulting data showed that 78% of consumers will return travel expenses. At home, after all, suppress too long, consumer demand and the desire to want to go out for a walk will be more intense. Only in the off-season, the hotel and tourism industry how to survive. By this disease, and how to improve the ability to resist risk? Outbreak, there are also worthy of our reference example. High-end hotels use brush sky-wave face pay cash register TPS650T, for example, non-contact service and no one will be gained popularity in the hotel industry. In the past, in order to reduce the human cost of hotel buffet self-service check-in machine and can support a credit card, id card recognition, face recognition, and other functions, self-service complete hotel check in procedure. Now, self-help open building occupancy function to reduce contact front desk staff and guests, thus reduce the cross infection of interpersonal, raising the epidemic prevention of the hotel. Hanting hotels in guangzhou and full seasons hotel online booking, using a cellular phone store using a self-service check in check-in machine brush id check card, less than 30 seconds, can handle the non-contact check in. On February 18, nanhai district, foshan city, guangdong, part of the hotel and the home stay facility operation. To return back to foshan foreign employees, the hotel can provide isolation package, timing temperature measurement for the guest room, buy articles for daily use, no contact, etc. Because there are requirements for identity verification, a lot of the hotel to read the polymerization temperature test face recognition, id identification function demand. Install intelligent temperature measuring terminal face recognition in the doorway, could be on guest without temperature measuring personnel operating temperature measurement and identification, save the human cost, also can do a good job in and out of the hotel staff temperature detection. Wisdom hotel buffet at machine TPS980 sky-wave intelligent face recognition temperature measuring terminal, for example, can support the infrared remote test and facial recognition can also be equipped with NFC card and id card read function, meet the needs of hotel temperature test identity check. Through the second development, face recognition temperature measuring terminal linkage of temperature data and status information database, more information can be updated in real time. If you have any patients diagnosed, travel can real-time tracking peers close contacts ( Including sat with a flight, to sit a car) And ensure that the locking range as soon as possible, reduce the risk of infection. In the future, the non-contact self-help hotel check in at machine and other non-contact smart devices, will become the user's use habit.
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