Face recognition entrance guard know! 2019 biological recognition technology of fresh air

by:Fdata     2020-05-21
In recent years, with the continuous development of biological recognition technology mature, biological recognition technology in the application of entrance guard system gradually become mainstream, face recognition and fingerprint recognition are two of the most widely used biometric technology. They are on the phone, access control, attendance, station and other equipment and place are very common, especially the facial recognition technology. Face recognition entrance guard compared with the traditional fingerprint, card access control scheme, facial recognition access control solution on the management more intelligent and more convenient. Image: the network more and more scenarios choose face recognition entrance guard, makes the meteoric rise of face recognition entrance guard, become the construction of intelligent community, intelligent construction site, wisdom, a standard of the hotel. Face recognition is to quickly occupy the biometric technologies for half of the market, in addition to its replication, but also has the advantage of the following several aspects. First of all, safety is the first concern of entrance guard system, which can effectively control personnel in and out, and master its access to information. Face entrance guard system adopts the intelligent electronic control system, can make full use of computer intelligence, at the same time using a variety of means to control, to ensure the safety of the system is reliable. Second, facial recognition technology to plot a more humanized service, for example, to the community of the old man lived alone, take care of people with disabilities and other special groups. Face recognition entrance guard system can detect personnel access information, once the consecutive days without these people access to information, the system will automatically alert, remind property personnel in time to come to visit. Image: the network in time, all data information and management in the face recognition entrance guard system mainly by the master computer to control module information interaction. Managers can according to need, set the password, permissions, access time, etc. In addition, main controlling computer and the control module can work independently. Only in setting up control module of the initial data, modify data in a child control module, recorded in the sub control module of information such as cases, the need to communicate with each other and communicate information. This kind of design method brings to the system flexibility. Finally, facial recognition access control more convenient and quick, for example, traditional access control card failure, card blocked outside; Fingers with sweat, fingerprint matching is not quality problems. Compared with the traditional access control, face recognition entrance guard just brush face can easily into the door. In general, anything there, although the face recognition entrance guard also exist some disadvantages in the process of practical application, but with the development of science and technology, believe in the near future, will bring more customers more efficient and convenient experience!
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