Face recognition intelligent entrance guard, community security best choice!

by:Fdata     2020-07-27
With the development and artificial intelligence technology matures, face recognition technology is widely applied in various intelligent scene, especially in security sector. Face recognition intelligent entrance guard compared with traditional access control, the safety coefficient is higher, more convenient, get the favour of the great, intelligent face recognition access control in the construction of intelligent community plays a vital role. So-called face recognition face recognition of access control is a completely offline access control attendance products, its market positioning in the high-end access control attendance, replace the card, fingerprint access control attendance machine on the market at present. Face recognition than other access control products, can be directly through brush face master face information to open the door. In the modern high-end family more and more families preferred face recognition entrance guard. Photo: a few of the advantages of intelligent network face recognition entrance guard? 1, easy to use, safe and reliable: face recognition technology is a non-contact way completely, use object just stand in front of the face recognition device can pass, convenient, fast and safe. 2, visual highlights: used in facial recognition technology based on facial images of people, convenient artificial confirmation, the audit; 3, difficult to counterfeit: facial recognition technology requires identifying object must be to identify the scene and others are difficult to counterfeit, and ensure that others cannot be inactive photo, puppets, wax to defraud face recognition system; 4, high identification accuracy, fast speed, compared with other biometric technologies, the identification precision of facial recognition technology at a higher level, rate of course, the recognition rate is low; 5, real-time remote monitoring and alarm, real-time monitoring in and out of the personnel, and according to the actual need to undertake the corresponding alarm, etc. Image: the network as a whole, face recognition intelligent entrance guard in promoting the wisdom of the construction of the community also to facilitate the people at the same time, the safety factor of the village has improved, believe in the near future, face recognition entrance guard will be as far as the eye can see more and more applied in people's scenario, get a better development.
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