Face recognition intelligent entrance guard: seamless docking the existing entrance guard system, access control attendance in one easy management!

by:Fdata     2020-05-21
Face recognition is a kind of based on the identity of the person's facial features information a biometric technology. At present, face recognition technology is widely used in our life, brings us great convenience. Today, we'll look at together face recognition application in intelligent entrance guard! Face recognition by users of information than on face recognition entrance guard equipment as the premise, with the computer to manage backend interface cooking tools, fully realize the entrance guard control areas in and out of the automatic management of personnel. Through automatic face recognition validation, identification in and out of the personnel, complete personnel in and out of control, limit the irrelevant personnel to enter, will face recognition combined with attendance management software, hardware equipment seamless docking the existing entrance guard system, access control attendance in one easy management. What is the face recognition application scheme of intelligent entrance guard? Intelligent entrance guard support the commonly used access control rule configuration, integration, function of relay to open the door, support the magnetic door, fire, and out of the door switch, alarm and other I/O input/output accurate identification equipment using infrared optical and lighting system, adaptable to the environment, the night can still achieve preciseness identify visitor management 0. 01 s speed identification, A second visitor information disseminated rapidly, brush face immediate open visiting, improving the visitor management experience to open the door to record the situation of personnel entering and leaving the automatic statistical records, export support statements, abnormal situation timely query, the enhancement enterprise security construction AB door design joint face recognition entrance guard system support as A collection, B door is also able to face recognition. A, B A mutual, permissions, data synchronization. Don't need to be repeated registration, saving employees time, improve work efficiency. Urgent to open the door in an emergency situation for single point or multi-point equipment remote emergency operation such as open close the door at the same time, can be effectively applied to escape and prevent the lam. Go out into the control configuration face recognition front-end plugins and embedded devices. Can realize the button to open the door open and automatic induction in two ways. Do employees convenient traffic safety, customers visit the easy to use. A key to open the door if someone wants to visit knocking at the door or ring the bell, by face recognition device camera connection and management software, can remotely view the visiting staff image. A key to leadership or the administrator can through the phone to open the door. Multiple access points support multiple facial recognition unified management, equipment management solution can't view your single status or to get the data at the same time, the system can access multiple attendance and attendance box devices, realize the unified management and access.
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