Face recognition is applied to each market, it has strong development potential in the future

by:Fdata     2020-06-07
Face recognition technology is applied to life scenes, are food and beverage retail scene, facial recognition technology achievement brush face. But face recognition application in intelligent security and urban management scenarios, as well as the id card recognition, fingerprint recognition another way of identity verification, face recognition and what the unique advantages and development potential? Face recognition application in campus: face recognition brake machine, introduced the campus, to support the daily campus entrance guard, prevent the suspicious characters into the campus, students can also be in and out of the campus to register, ensure the safety of students on campus. Once found absent students go to school or go out without a cause, can in time through the facial recognition brake machine and facial recognition intelligence system lock, convenient for school. In addition, the college entrance examination test cases as face recognition, the terminal can be used for accurate and fast identity verification and witness contrast, reduce artificial identity check laborious, is now in the domestic various provinces face recognition in the college entrance examination examination and civil service exam examination identity check, reduce the pressure of hands identity check. Face recognition application in the community: community introduction of face recognition, the terminal can be used as a daily facial recognition gate in and out of the community, from owner forgot to take my card problem, as long as the brush face in front of the face recognition gate, identity through check in and out of the community. Also prevent outlaws steal owner card in and out of the village, the owner risk of illegal sublease, etc. In addition, face recognition terminal can get through the data owner, timely find the owner. Such as nanjing, realize face recognition system intelligent management of community, a district for the lonely old man is more in the district, once found that a person living alone old man face recognition system has a few days not in and out of the village, the door will automatically remind property view, improve community management efficiency. From the national ministry of the system measures for the administration of the construction workers, require construction site workers in the system information after registering, face recognition has become site real-name brush face attendance intelligent terminal face recognition. According to statistics, in 2018 China's wisdom construction industry market size of 99. 100 million yuan, year-on-year growth of 24. 03%. Sky-wave face recognition terminals, can support 2 d and 3 d face recognition and authentication, the nose, the examination room identity check can be used as a facial recognition gate plate, site identity attendance, support desk, wall hanging, such as installation, the flexibility to adapt to a variety of usage scenarios. Attendance, brush brush face face clock using facial recognition technology, connecting face database, accurate and fast identify workers identity, convenience of construction company management, prevent outsiders to steal building materials at the site, can also serve as credential workers working hours, ensure the construction workers' legitimate rights and interests. Face recognition as a terminal site attendance equipment, it has the advantage of not through the media contact, such as clock in attendance, fingerprint attendance, etc. , for workers, there are some inconvenience. Will the modern clock in, for example, for perennial engaged in manual labor workers, also easy to appear the fingerprint wear failure of fingerprint identification. Attendance easier for workers to use brush face to new approach and new clock.
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