Face recognition login borrow books also black science and technology, xiamen 1 be born intelligent micro library!

by:Fdata     2020-05-07
Campus be born smart mini library, face recognition login library books, xiao bo want to say, don't be so smart! Think of before we are need to go to the library to line up! A lot of friends all know that xiamen, xiamen is one of the five special economic zones, also is one of the most beautiful tourist city, with beautiful xiamen university is also a big famous! Why xiamen development so well over the years, small make up that is inseparable with many of the local policy and management. As the years the development of science and technology, intelligent equipment is becoming more and more widely applied, and xiamen is a willing to taste a fresh delicacy and innovative city. Xiamen wisdom campus is introduced into system of intelligent devices, such as one in xiamen haicang district, the school management and teaching facilities on the introduction of the concept of wisdom campus, one is a high quality, high level of campus in appearance, perfect teaching facilities and the first-class faculty will effectively improve the whole level of education of area. The campus be born intelligent micro library, each device covers an area of only 1. The collection of 2 square meters, 650 copies, unattended, running 24 hours a day. Students can login by face recognition, borrowed books don't need to enter a password, the equipment loan and return the strong interactive, science and technology are sufficient way of borrowing, effectively break through the traditional campus library service limits of space and time, also need to allocate personnel specially for the campus library management school labor costs increase, etc, infinite close reading and the distance of the student, not only in the circle of students presented a lending, and let the schools, students and parents are satisfied with smart update action. , of course, when science and technology with facial recognition technology to build the campus application which covers a lot of smart devices, such as school face recognition temperature entrance guard system, the gatehouse of the witness check system, visitors can be used as a classroom, dormitory, staff dedicated facial recognition system of check on work attendance, also has a special face recognition can be used as a school cafeteria meal payment system and so on. School face recognition temperature entrance guard system power recently xiamen all back to the start of the high three students, from dawn to dusk, automatic inspection of face recognition, in the health check intelligent temperature measurement, data statistics, etc set is responsible for the school.
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