Face recognition technology brings new opportunities

by:Fdata     2020-06-22
At present, from a global application scenarios in the field of facial recognition technology layout, security, finance, traffic is relatively layout more mature areas, while in the retail, advertising, smart devices, education, health care, entertainment and other fields are also more application scenarios, for economic and social development as well as the convenience of People's Daily life has brought new opportunities. 1. Intelligent security with wisdom city, big data, such as artificial intelligence project and technology applications, intelligent security demand for face recognition technology is more and more big. Face recognition as a very important means of identification, the public security inspection, pursuit, household survey, online certificate inspection has been widely applied in such aspects. At the same time, face recognition can also be used as a means of access control, and stretch out the applications such as attendance system, entrance guard system, to ensure that only authorized personnel can enter some areas. 2. Financial transactions face recognition is also widely used in the field of financial transactions, its main application scenarios include face recognition deposit and withdrawal, remote electronic bank accounts, online payment, etc. As early as in 2013, Finland startup Uniqul launched the world first payment platform based on face recognition system. Uniqul face recognition system match the facial biological data and user account in the database, in a short period of time can be quick to complete identification and transaction process. 3. Public transportation facial recognition technology in the application of public transport mainly includes aviation, train, bus, train, and other areas of the public transportation. , the international civil aviation organization (icao) since 2010, the 118 member countries and regions must use a machine-readable passport, face recognition has become the preferred mode. Face recognition technology has been applied in aviation security first, and then gradually spread to parts of the city's railway station and subway station, and other areas of the public transportation security. 4. Marketing retail industry at present, face recognition is rapidly expanding in the field of marketing and retail applications. Represented by unmanned retail new retail scene heavy use of facial recognition technology, the vending machine in each big department stores, building, subway, railway stations and other public places, no convenience store has been widely used since 2017, the facial recognition security system. In addition, face recognition technology is widely used in advertising and identify customer information ( Such as customer gender, age, face, skin, watch the advertising time, etc. ) , and through the analysis of these data have pointed to the customer to push the most attractive advertisements. As early as in 2013, the world's third largest retail giant Tesco, Tesco) Has announced plans to 450 gas station convenience store advertising screen in the UK to join a call OptimEyes facial recognition technology. OptimEyes can choose according to perceived the audience is intelligent advertising content. 5. Intelligent device to unlock in September 2017, apple's new mobile iPhoneX pioneered FaceID screen unlock function, then, all brands of mobile phones, the application of face recognition unlock function, triggered a flood of intelligent terminal equipment face recognition application, a facial recognition industry, new areas of growth. 6. Healthcare in January 2019, published in the journal nature of artificial intelligence company, a new study released FDNA: DeepGestalt is based on the deep learning medical face recognition system, facial recognition technology can identify the genetic disease, so as to help doctors diagnose. FDNA researchers trained more than 17000 face images, can be identified from the human face image with high accuracy is a rare genetic syndrome. At present, the trained DeepGestalt can identify more than 200 syndrome from face, about 91% accuracy. 7. Education field in addition to the application in various major exam facial recognition technology to prevent fraud, face recognition technology is also applied to the class attendance, class effect monitoring, etc. Using facial recognition technology in the classroom, through to the students, which can identify facial expressions according to student's emotion performance monitoring and analysis, in order to further enhance the teaching effect. Carnegie Mellon university ( CMU) The researchers have demonstrated a comprehensive real-time sensor system - - - - - - EduSense。 The system USES two wall-mounted camera ( One of the students, one to the teacher) , a single camera can see everyone in the classroom, and automatic identification information, and can analyze the video and audio. 8. Search for missing persons face recognition system has become one of the effective tools to look for missing persons. Add missing photos to the database, using facial recognition technology information, can timely warning notice to law enforcement personnel. In April 2019, Indian women and children's development, according to a document submitted to the high court of Delhi police through the facial recognition technology, in 4 days, from 45000 children live in a family of children identified 2930 missing children, and confirm their identity, to help them with their family.
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