Face recognition technology in the application of life 丨 brush your face today?

by:Fdata     2020-06-07
Brush face an unstoppable trend, the application of face recognition technology is more and more wide, constantly poured into our life, brings us a convenient way of life. Now even the concert will realize the brush sweep code entry in the face, no paper ticket, through the brush face, one second to enter the concert scene. In early 2020 a concert have brush face of entry mode, it is understood that this is brush face technology in domestic large concert in China's first large-scale application. When it comes to the application of face recognition, most people will think of brush face to pay. In fact, the application of face recognition is already was full of all walks of life, and colorful brush a face. Today we take a look at the face recognition technology is applied to what aspect of our lives? Brush brush face pay pay treasure to pay you face no longer strange, via cell phone cameras face recognition, and can easily determine the user identity, make capital account more secure. Brush brush face door face entrance guard, can identify the staff, residents and student identity, put an end to unidentified persons in the community and campus, let security, reduce the accident risk. Brush a face brush face by car, by bus can solve cash change, mobile phones and yards of trouble, let users by car more easy and convenient. We often use a train travel card or scan code. But travel forget prepaid phone or mobile phone have no signal, predicament of unable to pay. Payment can use brush face by face recognition, on the account of the binding automatically deducts the fare. Brush brush the face of the elevator identify face can take the elevator on personnel. In the community with brush the face of the elevator, residents just brush the elevator face recognition of the terminal, can automatically identify guest identity, and automatically select you often go to the floor, still can use big data automatically assigned floor traffic, reduce the height of the queue waiting time. Brush face take Courier to take delivery of the automatic storage container rolled out in many places. Brush face the door pickup can obviate the necessity of users scan code and password, brush the face can take. Brush face many famous chain stores and supermarket shopping now also introduced pay cash registers, opened a brush brush face face paying customers scan my face before the cash register, can automatically complete the payment. Borrow books for payment of the tujia nationality autonomous county along the river the first brush face face recognition self-help books borrowed the 24 hours of the library. The reader can through brush facial recognition terminal face in and out of the library. Want to borrow books, the reader need in self-service machine brush face and borrowed books, readers can automatically identify the book information and identity, complete books, without having to deal with a library card and pay the deposit. Brush face examination face recognition application in recognition and identity verification of the test is not fresh. Some domestic province college entrance examination, civil service exam, the identity of the face recognition function check terminal has been adopted high identification accuracy, make sure that the examinee identity, effectively prevent obtaining a test their stead. Brush face sign in is mainly used for company attendance, site attendance, conferences, sporting events, such as participate in large number of scenarios. Accelerate the speed of face recognition identity check, alleviate the pressure of the staff. Overall, brush face technology is ground in the scene in life. Believe in the near future, brush the face will be something in common.
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